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взлетит на потолок 

 Zombieland, zombieland
Zombieland, zombieland
Zombieland, zombieland
Zombieland, zombieland 

 Травма, на*уя ты жрёшь по пять таблеток
Dead people everywhere
Gloomy eyes here and there
Shoppingmalls filled with dead
Aim to spend without a shread

Zombieland it's a zombieland
my war

Don't wanna watch TV! Zombieland
Don't wanna f*ck the cops! Zombieland
Don't wanna kill your God! Zombieland
Zombieland! Zombieland
Don't wanna
Hey, welcome to Zombieland
It's a party, go 'head
Everybody dance
Do the draggy leg
You surely can be part of the team
Gotta wave the flag, let
Vienen y van
Todos van zombie
Todos van die
Vienen y van
Todos van zombie
En la ciudad

Vienen y van
Todos van
Understand this is Zombieland
Bamm! Oh man, oh man, you the man
Bet ya can't do it like I can
Bamm! Oh man, oh man, we the man with the plan
Lemme do my
that genius juice
Shooting that monkey blood

We're gonna stomp in Zombieland
Devil beat in Zombieland
We're gonna stomp that devil beat
Down in
Huh, huh, huh
Zombieland (Huh?)
Damn! What?

Zombie, land (What?)
Zombie, land
Zombie, land (What?)
Zombie, land
Zombie, land
l just flex like,
of Zombieland
Stay in resident evil like Redfield with a Beretta in hand
Left 4 Dead by my team its all good like a hero
Sickest dude alive be me yeah patient 0
Por ese booty yo si pago el only fans
Una dosis mas de esa pócima 
Matando a los muertos como en Zombieland
Quiere que sea su only man 

Man man ha
Расщепи меня минетом на мирный атом. 

Даму треф требует с мёртвым лицом валет
В Зомбиленд! Ты купила в мой сон билет!
Welcome to Zombieland!
Zombieland, a bunch of dead men walking
Living abortions, they oughta raise the price on coffins
They fucking make a killing, but I ain't dying up in prison
inside of a hospital hooked up to oxygen
So who the hottest, conversation my name get brought up in
I'm Woody Harrelson, this industry is Zombieland
Zombieland where the dogs can scent it
Sprinter van and we all be in it
Catch him first, get a raw percentage
If you want, I put a coffin in it
I could get
be a momma's boy out in Zombieland
Gonna be a fast talker, making me your queen
Like a smooth operator and a love machine
What's it gonna be? Come
We've been to Zombieland
Had dinner with Eraserhead
And after busting some ghosts
Watched Shaun fight the dead

We picked up Frankenstein
To see
Watch out for the zombieland
Where everything just turns to shit
Where people walk around with suicidal dreams
And everyone just seems to love it
eres mi universo baby
Tu quieres sacar tu mente de orbita
Tu quieres cerrar de una vez la pantalla
Tu mundo se ha convertido en zombieland Ey
Puros seres
fall, ain't no front, tell em I'll be damned
That I wont rise back up on my zombieland and then
I set a track for my setbacks
If you lost, focus up,
Other peaches like Mario might’ve
Rosario Dawson her privates
Double-tap Zombieland
Give me brain at the IMAX
Don't go pausing it now
I know ya'll
A ver si ellos se atreven
Mis rifles no son de pellet
PR es zombieland y aquí esta tu Twinkie
Tenemos el pasto, las pepas también el pimpin
with it!
Good morning, zombieland!
I’m on house arrest like I’m movin contraband
Playin’ with myself I fell in Love with my hand my hand
Gettin fat I
con gli elicotteri aaah
Flow sparatutto tipo fossimo a Zombieland
Ne ho la scorta sempre qui con me tipo power bank
Stili propri? Io ne vedo pochi
Подсел на препараты, да, я знаю, я слабый
Закинусь отравой, мне больше не надо 

Это мой Zombieland
Поедаю коз на обед
Я до сих пор не понял
Всё же мёртв

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