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Zambian and French, already hench
No wasting time no chill on a bench
Found the Essence, no consequence 
Saucing it up serving the hen
Kariba nah
We going higher than snoop and khalifa homey
We was destined to soar just like the Zambian eagle
Finna put the flag on the moon for my Zambian
menso, push each others dreams in the now
So as Zambians we can stand proud

Tiyende pamodzi, all for each other
Let's be sisters and brothers (Oh-oh yeah)
to be played with, hear a Zambian with the masterful cadence
They see I'm back again, stop and pause in amazement
At the back of him, never standing
of a goddess
Empress you the finest
Fine girl from Lusaka
She don't even look Zambian yeah
Too many laps, won't you sit on mine
Girl you can flex it's your time
Amashala chaku ku north ngati zephyr
Zodiac sign ndika leo ngati lev
Zambian girls ati ndili mushe
Link up
Ubwere ndi zi kush ndizi liquor
Ubwere ndi anzako
Chilyongomena monafye ululenda
Niew ndeponesha gyal so uleti shani
Sinizakubisa kaleza sinizakuleka
You are different queen baso
Sibamaoneka me zambian sholi
Sip it down
Sip it down
Sip it down
Girl, you just like mama
You gat that ting i like
Body and personality all spot on
You are that zambian
one in the stink
Fuck you what you heard fuck what you think
It gets darker than a Zambians skin
Go ahead try to plan an escape think
Keep Braggin bout
of the country that I'm in
Yeah yeah, when he was in hiding
Did my fellow Zambians think they were in the midst of a man
That in future would claim that the death
you off when we go downtown
We can start off we can leave right now, right now
Go downtown
Baby girl lets go downtown

Zambian and French, yeah
the Zambian space program
The source of the words reaching the politics of Kotang
Red, blue, gold to the Congo
Sifted with bare hands, making the world connect
Champions of Zambian music
Yo huh FTJ in the making listen
Nanga why ndine neka nima choka che misozi
Why ma pressure sitinga fakeko che pa mozi
Going hard for the nation, I'm Zambian lets mention
LSK i'm reppin, the city's brand new weapon

I know they scared of me, I know the won't believe
ashamed to say Your Name for all to see
C'mon! C'mon jump showin how you feel
We're Zambian people n we know about that deal
As a Christian Nation for us
I be with the shiit
Nigga I'm next up
Bigger than your wave huh
Killing the beat huh
Dipping Balencia
I'm Zambian made boy 
Trapping for years boy
you look at the top 

No zambian in sight 

Cause we get no support 

So am flipping the switch 

Tryna get me some bread 

Pull up in a coup, vroom!
she got Magwinya
My T.Z dem gat Kitimoto
My Zambian girl stays ready na Nsima... did i say that right

My African girls wagwan wagwan  
Say wagwan
el sol Zambian y despues me prendes el casette. 

Cuando la mire le dire que con ella me casare le hare una casa por hay de la orillita del mar 
I'm ghetto 
Zambian eagle, I'm a rebel 
Playing with her heartstrings like a cello 

Wow Wow Wow Wow
Fresh bag on me right now right now
Throw it up
Dripping on victoria falls like im a zambian

More enemies than that dude baki hanma
I just slap em on the head like im e honda
Can i be your man please?
whipping in a Foreign whipping in a Foreign

Blvck Lvntern
Zambian Kid on a block
Rotted fetor
In a plastic bag
Moral panic
Inhalant street drug
Human waste
In the jar
(Z) Z-zag-zig Zimbabwean Zambian Zaires
Zodiac zoning Zulu, Zian zillion zapling zillionth zillionaire

(Y) Yo you yeah, yesterday's youth

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