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Pourtant la guerre, ils l'ont faite
Pour oser s'aimer au grand jour
S'aimer d'amour

Pour Adam et Yves
Et ceux de l'autre rive
Cette chanson
T' as voulu disputer notre titre,
la promiscuité d’ton style
fait d’toi un "Yves Duteil en string",
maintenant, tu veux discuter gentil.
mei'm Bruder Abdi, Azzlack Tarikat

Cho, woher kommt der Benz, von wo
Woher kommt das Geld, von wo,
Yves Saint Laurent und so, Amcaoglu,
Du gehörst zur
freein' my soul
Sightseein' leavin' my soul

It was a magical sight to me
And Yves Tanguy in a gallery
The 30's looking back at me
As if he really knew
girl loves a soldier common sense
Where there's bright labels there's elections they are symptoms of defense
They say Levi Yves St Laurent Fiorucci
Ice on my neck, flawless baguettes
Hop off a jet, barely get rest
Cash through the month, I get a check
Yves Saint Laurent on my pants and my
Ice on my neck, flawless baguettes
Hop off a jet, barely get rest
Cash through the month, I get a check
Yves Saint Laurent on my pants and my
I got to pay it to come lookin' for me 
Walkin' on Gucci
Wearin' Yves Saint Laurent 
Barely stay on 'cause I'm so God damn gaunt

I found
Steel Banglez
The Elements

Shit, shit, look
She smell like Yves Saint Laurent
My garms are from Italy, I feel like the Don
Paris Fashion Week,
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Coming thrust
I guess I flew too close to the sun
Myth will call me legend
That might be why
In my Yves Saint Laurent
un BMW (su un BMW)
Addosso ho Cartier, addosso ho anelli più collane
Baby, sai, sono Yves Saint Laurent (sono Yves Saint Laurent)
Baby, sai, sono
to toe Yves Saint Laurent
I did not come to play with you (At all)
Don't give no fuck off the Henny (Fuck it)
I'm drinkin' it right out the pitcher
Nique la police, tick auf den Streets
Baller Flex, verballer Cash, Business Paris
Yves Saint-Laurent, Christian Dior
Haute Couture durch Koks
wear it if it's in the mall
Seen it on the blog
These motherfuckers cost
Yves Saint Laurent
You can tell by the font
I do what I want
Wake up when
quitte à finir en garde-à-v'
Yves Backa ou Abdoulaye, bientôt on s'barre à Dubaï
Belleville, Rébeval
Dites-moi c'est quoi les bails?

Mais bon j'étais
the tag
Yves Saint Laurent boots, Yves Saint Laurent bag
Keep the Pokeman in case a big bitch think I'm ass
Eatin' through her stomach like a gastric,
I bought them.
I rock, I wear, that shit you want
Yves Saint, Yves Saint, Yves Saint Laurent.
Your style be old, played out baggy.
My style new shit,
Yeah, Yves Saint Laurent
Yeah, Comme des Garçons, jaja
Ich hab' nie was gehabt, ja
Und dann alles bekommen, ja

Toast auf mich (ey)
Toast auf
clean 'em with tea tree oil
China dolls from Bangkok, we bang 'em, train 'em and make 'em loyal
Trees stank, she come kiss the top of my Yves Saint
Know the boy stunt, Jonathan Kelsey clutch
Yves Saint Laurent fronts on her bags to the pumps
D's love her aura, Balenciago fedora
Lame niggaz bore
feel that way
I be on my grind all day
Trying to get signed some day
You, me and Yves Louis will
Be a little family
Whether it's here or overseas
Fendi, Dior (ja)
Philipp Plein und Yves Saint Laurent (genau)
Ja, genau so stell' ich mir das vor (das vor)
Im Lambo Aventador (was?)
Bitches nackt im
motherfucker this is gun talk
I got a fresh pair step and get fresh air
Yves St. Laurent spring collect wear, yeah
And I've been on my paper route
A lot
the hood slinging up oi
Ooh {ohh}, why'all don't want a girl in Yves Saint Laurent
You'd rather fuck a hoe in a bullshit Gabann' (now) {yeah}
And what

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