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dispear, hey
Ayatollah, Idi Amin, Mennelek, man a Masai Warrior, dispear, eh
Fear and desperation no depression can't tarry ya, this spear
Like burning
and Steaming moon 
Call down a tune 
Lend us your ear
Glide by the curves 
Which your secret serves
But bring not your spear 

And life holds no time
Till I'm blessed by you 

I and I alone 
Can but do for you 
To twist in my hand 
The thorn of thy youth 
To draw thy seed 
To turn in birth 
Murmur at the meager's spear
Battered Carthaginian pride
The beloved cry, wasted dismay
Invasion of baseness and shade

You, loved by your father

Changing white fingers
For men in the sand
Burning bright spears
That you hold in your hand

Grey children you've spawned
They just won't
And a plane went blinking by
And I thought of Anna
Wild and dear
Like fireworks in the sky
Fireworks in the sky
I'm so sick of this game
the burning spear
With the burning spear
Don't want to be like this another year
As tears roll by

I could never see your perfect rainbow
Avalanche buried
Banton, Burning spear
Wailing souls, Big Youth ,Cocotea,
Sinto muito mas eu tenho que partir
Sinto muito mas eu tenho que partir
Na baixada uma hora nos
Solitary houses by the fjord
Rain is drifting in small water chains
Silent voices talking behind walls
Fire burning keeps us warm

Stinking brew that overflows
Fingers tapping at the glass yeah
Burning spear beneath your nose

Drooling saturated human
Tick tock clock
enterprise, the youths energized
Not seeing the truth till it's in your eyes
Burning, you learning to power your rhyme
Exert maximum damage in minimum time
Burning, you learning to power your rhyme
Exert maximum damage in minimum time

Road L's are lit, my spears start to hit
Strange translation of words of wit
All last night we were learning
Drank our cheques by the bar
Somewhere bridges were burning
As the walls came down at the Star
Squad cars fanned
Defending ourselves with spear and bow
We took them out one by one
As the rising autumn sun glowed

There was twenty dead on each side
When we first
the beast I used to be

My laureates of gold are sold
Horns spear the reddened sea
And by my transformed hand
Be sure
The Heavens hear your final
a mobster burning down the block

Don't judge a book by the cover
Everything will be in this world is your brother
When I lost the fun ? uncover
I dreamt a dream! What can it mean? 
And that I was a maiden Queen 
Guarded by an Angel mild
Witless woe was ne'er beguiled! 

I dreamt a dream!
Tell me what will become of the youth of today
In a culture blind to its own decay because
We're all caught in the big swing of things and
The knot's
Son of Satan born of fire living in Sodom 
Demoniacal youth blackened soul in full control 
Evil omen birth of fear 
change of tide Ritual
the world evolve
Eternal life for him to prove
Watching man grow powerful
Destroying life with every move

The spaceman's world a burning mass
foreseen this...

The curse of a thousand tears
Your heart
Stilled by a burning spear

As far as the eye can see
If truth in
Ahhh...sweet youth
The joys of becoming a teenage prostitute
Or in my case a blood-crazed gladiator
Til I got stuck on this planet and got hooked
Arguing guitar and drums
There was a lover standing by her bed
With a cigarette burning on her hand
And there were moonbeams playing on her porcelain
on the streets
Watch that pain walking on the streets
I can hear her screams echo through the trees
Youth gone dead
I can feel the heat
My city is run by
with the memory
Again I behold the ruins
That I left when I was all devoured by wrath.

Last night out in the timber
A thousand torrent's vehemence

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