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chuck could chop wood
You can catch Pit in a bed with a mommy on his vet
No questions, you know I'm all good
And if you blink for a minute, think for
a vendetta
I ain't talkin' 'bout David when I say I'ma Guetta
Twenty mil' on my off, season of course
Twenty million when you ain't put out no album
the Key you'll find)...

David said to Solomon
When he was about to die
"You're gonna build my temple
When I'm by the good, The Good Lord's Side
Don't you
David smiles, nodding

All he ever wanted to be was good enough
All he ever wanted to say was the right thing
But as long as you live for the way
If you're down on your luck, don't get down on yourself
It won't do you no good
'Cause I've been there before, for a hundred wars
And I'm still
of blackeyed peas
Said it ain't no joke that hickory smoke
Can work up an appetite
He said roll up your sleeves and don't wait for me
Boys we're gonna do it up
at all of those presents, just waiting there by the tree
We hope there's one for you

And I hope the rest are for me


Here goes bells that
the comfort she'd been fed
And she recalled just how she'd bled
And how they'd watched her try

Don't take me for a fool
'cause I know the world is
"Of David.Annotate Do not compete with the wicked; do not envy those who commit injustice. For like grass they will soon wither, like green
By Aaron Schroeder & David Grover

Where are the dreams
We dreamed when we were younger
Where are the songs we never got to sing
Oh how cold were
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I thought what was cool, was... uh, rockin' Rita
Looking for a Dimebag, like, people who don't
Know who you are think it's
Gotta keep drinkin' my life away
For eternity.  Good enough for Bond Scott, good enough for me.

Constantly I'm approached by
Taxi Driver
Won't stop for me
Whenever I flag him down
He won't stop for me

In a London city and in a New York
There are no go areas after
the car and said "david let's have one one the pier."
you stepped onto the sand with no shoes on your feet.
i was hungry as hell and said that i needed
There's a whole world out there waiting for you
if you'll just stop dreaming
Wake up soon

And now Jimmy, oh, come on, listen to me good
Because life
no barbed wire over there, 
And he hit me and Dad never does that.
I called for my best friend Kathy on the way to school.
She acted like she didn't
David Hinds

Pretty lady standing there
I'm telling you that you're looking fair
Cause I've got my eyes on you
I can tell by the way you stare
There's a whole world out there waiting for you
if you'll just stop dreaming
Wake up soon

And now Jimmy, oh, come on, listen to me good
Because life
swings low by my knees
No need to gas a blow I stay low and then I feed

But when the time comes to go, I'm like Rambo
I got my cross bow, the cross
good for me yeah
And I was like what? Why you chatting my name (oh)
Say it again, nothing to hide got nothing to gain
People wan front just because
Cuz girl you gotta admit that there's nothing more for me to say
Ooh yeay

I don't love you
No More
Come I'll show myself to the door
I don't love
back when
'Good evening, ladies and gentlemen
Welcome David-what's-his-name-again'
Things change,
The old cliche
If we knew now what we knew
over me
Cause there's no ifs, no buts, no maybe 


Cause baby you're good enough, good enough
You in my life it's so much better
Baby you're
laid me on the front lawn 
And prayed for Jackie's strength 
Feeling old by twenty one 
Never thought my day would come 
My bridesmaids getting laid