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That's why I look into your eyes
And see that you been searchin 'cause you tired of hurtin'
So baby, won't you come come and just roll wit me?
I got all
command. everything is spinning as you fall into a trance... voodoo power. feel your will draining away. you didn't want it anyway. leave them all behind
That's right
So pretty mama please don't let your chance
Pass by
Cause shawty you jus' don't know
That I
Have never ever met anotha' girl
That fine
just stopped when I saw your eyes on me
H-Y-P I'm hypnotised
H-Y-P I'm hypnotised

People look at me
Standing by my self
But I only can see
Even though you hear every word I say 
You're in a hypnotic trance 

Stay asleep till I ask you to awaken 
Now's the time to experience your
a cosmic trance our eyes stare on and on and on.
Show me your desires I can't reach.
Tell me all the words you can't release.

I deny what's left of your
The way you dance
 You move in self romance
 And you don't see me watch
 The way you dance
 Your eyes close in a trance
 So you don't see me
In treasure glows, your weeping wings
And a slaughter grins, on a pleasure spike

When held on high by the riverside
Like a torn-throat child in
The kind you find in a dream 
And dreams are so real for me 
With eyes so warm and soothing 
They put me in a trance 
And I imagine us by the warm cozy
in a trance, a religious army
Fight without an uniform and hide in the crowd
Call it holy, call it just, authorized by heaven
Leave your wounded
from your eye,

Destroy the illusion.
All destruction by a glance, set the world in a trance.
Inside the sacred maze, shivas cosmic dance

Bom bom

Heed the call
Of the enlightened conscious ones
Time has ceased
By the trance, you'll see the light

Bring the sign
Bring it onto
The humankind
Spelled by hypnotic trances
I dance through eternal flames

My beloved one I taste you
As i gratify my thirst and touch your dead skin
Oh darkest one
Your standing there alone 
And so am I 
But i want you here 
By my side 
Your smile at me 
Is everything 
The staring game 
That song of love.
I see you walking by and long ago 
You used to stop and talk
Now you just wink your eye

And I'm surprised you look all grown up
A champagne
to use your head, got to be more careful
Be doin nothin stupid cause somebody dared you
I'm an ear full, an eye full and a rival
Givin you back what you
a girl,
With a smile in her eyes.
Never thought I'd be brought,
Right down by her lies.


In a trance, watch her dance,
To the beat
Most girls wish that they had your eyes
And boys secretly fantasize
Who me? I am just mesmerized by your every word and movement

You are close
At night I walk the streets looking for romance
But I always end up stumbling in a half-trance
I search for connection in some new eyes
But they're hard
This conversation is a trance
The years fly by at a glance
The blame game is the clue
That everyone I've ever loved is you

And you've done nothing
The instability and insecurity
I see we need to open up your eyes and realize
That this New World Order's on the rise in no disguise to the wise
I'm obliged
You are witty, funny
Frightening and bizarre
A mystery femme that no one knows by far
I'm in a trance
And you do your act
You're cool
a Batman,
African call it Blackman,
Brother extracts your African steps in your movements, enhance for
Grand funk, a new home for the phrase,
Love is better than a warm trombone, when blown, softly by a two tone, brother
Down on luck by chance, caress her head off at the boogaloo trance
to the left, ye swing to the right,
Keep your eyes on your partner, more or less like a fight,
Ye just follow the rhythm, and ye keep to the beat,

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