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By the way you watch the sunset, I can tell
Soon you'll saddle up that ol' strawberry roan
Bid goodbye to the goodnight lovin' trail
And set off
the wind
Tell me why I'm always alone
On my way back home

[Indonesian spoken]

Dreaming always begins
Find a door that's opening
Something there is
And think of you
Ans what might have been.

And if someday,
You can find a way
To change your plan
You'll find me here
Where there's no tears
walking 'cross the tracks,
Maybe you'll beg me to take you back.
Maybe someday you'll find out everybody's somebody's fool,
Maybe then you'll realize
you always drink champagne 
And you'll carry my heart wherever you go 
Even if I never see you again 
But if you bring it back home to me 
tryna stay by the phone
'Cause your voice always helps me when I feel so alone
But I feel like an idiot, workin' my day around the call
But when I pick
always have to find our way back home? 
Why do we all end up alone? 
We gather no moss just like a rolling 

What I say is what I mean, 
No definition
so i could see your face 
i'm walking by  
i could walk in if you want me by 
the mystical love 
he's back… well he's coming back 

i will find a way
through this world alone
And I did say, don't make this world your home

I never said that fear wouldn't find you in the night
Or that loneliness
Hannah Montana, she was always happy
You only fronted on Mariah 'cause Mariah don't carry
Tried to disrespect Taylor 'cause Taylor wasn't Swift enough
can't find a job
I can't pay the rent
Police are always breathing down my neck
And there's no way out

There's no way out no more
Under this flag
In this world 
It's hard to tell the shadow from the light 
What is real 
Can find a way to hide behind the lies 
Don't be fooled 
Or ruled 
still feel the hope on your road. 
Now come back to us like the days of the old. 
I still feel you there, trying to get on top. 
You'll always have my
And we can but the pieces back together 
Find a way to make things right (yeah yeah) 

In your life don't ever let me fall 
Cos sometimes I
you have no words 
And we can but the pieces back together 
Find a way to make things right (yeah, yeah) 

In your life don't ever let me fall
you're chosin'
I don't need to check your baggage
Pick it up along the way
All I need to know is
By the time you arrive you'll forever be changed,

This was too close, hope you've learnt your lesson by now
I can`t always be there for you every time you`re down
Could I be more specific
always be a rambler,
But it's so hard to find my way,

Lord I need someone to help me,
I just can't go on this way,
I need your smiling face beside
And there's no home for the brave
And there's no way back 
We are the obeyer
We are the law
In stained boots
And navy blue
Hello hello hello
With fire in

The ones that you lost along the way but will find they way back
The ones that had love for J before he was Haystak
The ones that will watch your
And always put your dollars back
On top of that, this is a legacy and we a part of that
The hood is where my heart is at
Catch me around my way

Around my way

Bellisle be Bellisle
(Here in Detriot)
Now Wes Chill you know we go way back
Kid Rock I remember guzzlin 40's in your ford track
Yeah Wes
She got that mocha chino baby on the back of the bus
If you close your eyes and listen she would be one of us
Never did trust, her family at home
your gonna keep it no secret 
No she promise me you'll keep it real 


Now if you don't mind me asking 
Why do you always thinking that I'm
can't remain behind
And all your friends are on separate tracks
And some of them and some of them they won't look back to find

The one place we all have

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