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We can do it if you want to
Push a nigga, slap a nigga, pussy nigga, hoe nigga
Let's go nigga

I drink liquor fifths its Juicy J the pimp
I tell ya
now) Blow it down hooker bounce
Come off the ropes like J. Snooka
(Two fly motherfuckers) You can't fuck widdit
Backed by Open Bar, so y'all forget it
make you want to catch a body quick 

Fuck em up  bust em down  Queensbridge style 

Street corner thug  my title neighborhood partygoer 

my gunz till my clips retire
America pray 'cause I don't want to expire
I'ma soldier

[Juicy J:]
I'ma U.S. mother fuckin soldier boy
let's fade away, and let Juicy go make it rain on that hook

I want all the kush
I want all the bottles
I want all the cash
I want all
to take the weed and then hoooold it
Juicy J the type to lick a blunt and foooold it
You can come by my crib and get soooooo lit

[Chorus: x 2]
eyes be like closin', hoes from head to toes 'n
Fuck 'round with the chosen, got you stiff like posin'

(Chorus) x2

[Big Gipp (Juicy J)-]
skin in the Bentley
Graveyard shift at the Denny's
North side plenty, south side pennies
I vote Yeezus/Deez Nuts 2020
You want to run a country? that
twisted off some nigga
Dedicated to you killa

Chorus x3

(Juicy J)
Guess who was scared
Niggas stalkin' in the Memphis streets
The Triple 6 them Mafia
[Verse 1: Juicy J]
Yah, she freaky, freaky deeky, didn't ya see her in a bikini
Porno movies we got plenty, and ya know they smoke them beenies
your trunk

(Juicy J)
Nothin' but leaves and bags of weed
Somethin' to keep you off your feet
Make you crawl around on knees
If you slang a
Then grab

Chorus (2x) 

[Juicy J] 
Picture this, you a juror and you on the stand 
And you about the judge the life of a black man 
Young brotha from
want too! (Ooh!)
Hey bitch! (Ooh!)
What you gon' do? ! (Yo!)
If you wanna buck we can do it if you want too! (Ooh!)

Push a nigga! (hoe! hoe!)

[Keyshia Cole]
See, Mary J. I want you to understand you paved the way (for me)
I'm givin' homage (to you)
me squeeze it, let me squeeze it
When she take it to the floor, I want to hit it from the back
Let me squeeze it, let me squeeze it

Juicy J is pimpy
is kind of insane
I Scarecrow with mystical styles
Niggas are getting buck wild
Look at my dirty fouls
Bodies are stacked up by pounds
You want to fuck
out our jewerly hide the mother fuckin' product


Verse 4
[juicy j]
Now it is time to get rough with the drama
Bitches you cannot escape from
sho' you right"
Soon as she passed me the J and a lighter
Me and this hoodrat bitch got tighter

Talkin' all day on the blanket
With her ass jacked up,
that's no lie
I'm on my square, blowin' circles in the air, of that purple
I'ma boss and you a worker, listen here boy don't make me hurt you
You want
want you to do right now is just STOP
And let em' keep spinnin' man

[Hook: x 2]
I'm ridin' spinners, I'm ridin' spinners
They don't stop
never be rich
Rather trade a hoe for mackers dis predemption


Juicy J

its on! Why you shakin whatcha want to do
I gotta 357 brand
Say you need some extra cash to pay for college with
And it just so happens I got a lot of it
Spin around the pole while you're doing splits
got money to do it

Take your bitch home then I'm all up in that pussy
Old school pimpin' she ain't fuckin' with no rookie
Juicy J be cooler than a fan
so bad for somebody to come up over the 6
You better hurry up boy I'm 20 years in this shit, BITCH

[Juicy J]
Juicy J yes I'm that nigga
the Vet they say I'm known to be the Damager
Juicy J the couple hour bangin bangin Standarler
And I don't pump no hoes off up in my rubber like you

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