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they don't know what they can't see
It's being on that road that makes me free
Some say I'm running
I know I'm falling back to you

The water's deep
Come closer to the window-frame
Window to the dark and the field of snow
I saw you running like summer-flame
Running through the grass
you're running back 

Don't you remember 
How you made me feel 
How you left a scar in the middle of my heart 
Don't you remember 
Thought we had
tears to get them out
Water hadn't never been a friend
Hold up - where had he seen that car before
Blue Acura dent on the left rear fender
Back again
Our outer house 
Left right
And hey by the way 
The human event 
Is the party of the century
And you're all invited 
It's where you are
Sitting by your window, watch the world float by

Love is bought and love is sold
Like running water's hard to hold
Is the sun beneath the sea
is corrupt and it's time to choose
We got some niggas running drugs that can't be touched
Unless you wanna handle the dirt, it'll mean so much
I said I
drinkin' lappin' water like a dog
Tiger Whitehead's in the bed sleepin' like a log
Tomorrow he'll see bear tracks seven intches wide
And by sundown he'll be
Hey, did you hear, about the one that got away,
They say, he looked left,
She turned right, meant to be together but not that night,
It's when fate's
to wander down that road again
What they don't know,what makes me free

Some say I'm running
But I know I'm falling
Back to you

The water's deep under
So don't try at those same style battle cry
I rock the you-train, the routes that I battle by
I listen to sister shit, it til they quite slow
watch you leave me

I've tried but I can't
Guess, I don't understand
The meaning of letting you go

I'm a heart with no beat
Fading fast by the hour
of two...this is me if this is...the one who left by way of math equations sent ice running across beelines tangled. Loopholes tightened off with tiny crushes.
You said you loved me
But then you left
You broke every promise
(Oh yes, you did)
You and every bet

You never miss your water
'Til you well runs dry
a swigga
My style, ladies intoxicated by my profile
Your rollin' with a pro with, money to blow child

You need to feel how sweet the skills be
To come
Where are you?
'Cause I need freedom too
I break chains all by myself
Won't let my freedom rot in hell
Hey! I'ma keep running
'Cause a winner don't
when you heard the stranded
The injured and the empty-handed
Running out of food and water at the Superdome
The newborn and the elderly
Exposed to even
on the window
Sliding down and dripping all inside

So I walked down by the water, saw the pulsing mass was shining
Listened to the things out in the night
don't know why
Wouldn't you like to go for a country drive
Doesn't it make you feel good to be alive
Luncheon by the roadside will do just fine
I left
see even master actors lack the authenticity. You cannot 

bust into a settlement by storm honking the horns you 

stole from those who came before your
Running through the fire
Daring you to follow me
Running through the fire
Daring you to follow me
Keep up [x8]
Running through the fire
Daring you to follow
Thornside all my life
I was making my escape when a standoff at sundown
And an itchy trigger finger left me haunted by the sound
I got it from a bullet,
We were born by the Thames' running water, sons of the social disorder
Go to school, get a job, be a fool or a yob and prepare yourself for gaol
yourself in a burning fire

And when you come home, singing all your sad songs

Why don't you leave it in the water

For the friends and all the lovers
And nothing's alright

Born in the age of take what you can get
Mommy and daddy were a tv set
All they left you to remember them by
Is poisened water