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You have one life left to leave
You have one life, you have one life
You have one life left to leave

What direction, what direction
The shadow grows longer in my twilight sleep
'I wallow and remember you lock and key'
Cast a shadow in my direction
Cast a shadow in my direction

the serpent went
Watching many moons go by around your head
Close enough to feel that I'm cold inside
I've seen you shake and now I know why

Oh, I know
Help me get it all back

You know I love you baby
Don't tell me maybe
I got the right street baby
But the wrong direction

Told me that out love
And somebody's always going to crack
Something is always going to be incomplete
But you have to stop this looking back

This could go in any direction
But we could just stay here and know one will know

Move in my direction, I'll show you where to go
Won't you move in my direction
Real slow
All that you've been 
Makes who you are now 
'Cause I've been ashamed 
I've been a fool 
You know I've backed down 
When I lose direction I
You are a step forward for me!

Now listen baby, I'm sure glad you came along
But don't push your luck honey
'Cause our love is not that strong
But we could just stay here and know one will know

Move in my direction, I'll show you where to go
Won't you move in my direction
Real slow
I stayed in town for a while
Watching cars pass me by
And I'm trying not to get too high
But then I realized

Is there only one direction
a chance to get you closer to me

I feel I'm on a, one way street
Moving in the wrong direction
It's a, one way street
Someone on my line, never gotta a bad
If I see you on the street you'd better run
Away from my all terrain weapon
In your direction

In your direction
In your direction
In your
We've eroded the soil from the ground 
A rocky grave is where I'll be found, cause... 

Whatever direction you may turn 
You'll see my friend,
're on
I just need directions home
Draw me a map that leads me back to you

I've never been so at a loss
I'm at a canyon I can't get around or cross
So baby
search the valleys and the hills 
You gotta find her Mr. Mills 

I can't attempt to point you in her direction 
I was blinded by the look in her eyes
I used to feel fine 
You were to be mine 
I need direction 
To take me to you 

I've asked the sunshine 
Shadowed the skyline 
I need
always on the road somewhere
The other one always stays
Too often unhappy
Too often on your own
When you are moving in different directions
True love
Don't take the wrong direction passing through
Instead of deep reflection of what's true,
For it's a combination of judgments made by you
what's this dream i can't let go?
what's your way with this,
what d'you want to see and who d'you want to know?

you've no direction home
on morning glory vines 
I grew up surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature 
And they're forever present in my mind 

But I'm headed in the wrong direction
street called love)
Lead me to that road (trying to get home)
Trying to get home (would you take me straight to love street)
I need directions (i need
The road I need to travel down
I don't know what tomorrow brings
Day by day, with you, I do the same thing
I'm so glad I'm standing on my own two feet
what would happen if he passed you by
Would you be scared? Would you believe in him?
Would you bust your asses to get him institutionalized?
Well, I
You can do the balloon
Escorted or thwarted by the loon
"Take to the sky!"
Said the Chinaman's monkey
And you climbed like Einstein
for so long 

Twisting and turning 
I'm going for the same direction turning 
Misguided by imagination turning 
Underneath surface I rest 

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