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(Webbie verse 1)
I ride down ya street you can hear me in ya den.
Shakin niggas walls when I put it past 10
G- shit, I ain't even gotta rap in em
go on and on and on
You swing your rod, rod baby rod, rod
But don't swing it at me
Cause it's not for me, no I disagree

Cause I heard
Dennis Rod, Dennis Rod, Dennis Rod, Dennis Rod
Dennis Rod, Dennis Rod, Dennis Rod, Dennis Rod
Dennis Rod, Dennis Rod, Dennis Rod, Dennis Rod
with an awful wail
The Lord said seize him by the tail
Old Moses did and it turned to a rod again

God promised to lead His children out of bondage
Vaguely inspired by an Otis Spann number, 
And again it's an attempt to widen 
The scope of a plain 12 bar sequence,
In fact the verses are 14
out on the highway flyin' by me
Headlights and tail lights are all i could see
Down at the junction another flies by
They come and go in the blink
Its bad boy, baby

We go by the name of q, mike, slim, daron
And this is part three
You know, like the third album
Like the third time we been here
Do you see me
Do you see what I mean
Be sure that...

The sun never shines
Behind door 2.12
It gotta be cold 
Behind door 2.12

If the thunder don't get you then the lightning will

Small wheel turning by the fire and rod
Big wheel turning by the grace of God
Every time that
guide you day by day
Go down in di ghetto and hear what the people a say

We're grooving in Kingston 12
We're grooving in Kingston 12
We're grooving in
hop out of the women I hopped on
And saw Paesos on the V.I. Like "Sky Dawg it gotta be you"
You fathered everybody out on the move
Rappers doing
twelve, "doh", would be 
Written 1-0. 
Get it? That'd be swell, for multiplying by 12. 

Hey little twelvetoes, I hope you're well. 
Must be some
Ten o'clock at night
Funny how you can remember 
Certain moments in your life
I wish I could go back
To take back the words i said
Life is just a V8 with extractors plated in chrome
It helps you get there faster
But it's no help if you're alone
Life is like a hot rod with
50 cent
Obie Trice
Stat Quo
And I would also like to introduce
The two newest members of the family
One goes by the name of Bobby Creek
name is ironic
I’m 12 feet tall, my life is hard
I’m a little lost, is this the right studio?
I work for Rod Stewart, you know what? I’m gonna go
I wear
and thunder 
I'm connected by the lightning rod
Giving into the beauty and 
Heaven knows how well I know you 

Ultra-fine and ultralistic 
Can I spy into
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I made a deal
Signed and sealed
He took my soul to go
I met him down by the crossroads
Oh so long ago

Woke up this morning, I got out of bed,
Too late to go to work â?? walked my dog instead.
I don't try too hard, but I get by.

You don't have
50 Cent
Obie Trice
Stat Quo
And I would also like to introduce
The two newest members of the family
One goes by the name of Bobby Creek
liquored up, talkin shit
'Til they man gotta come and pick 'em up
Got bitches in the back bouncin to "Jigga What"
You got your hands up and I ain't even
I got a good bull roped, I got a brand new bell
I got a hot rod pick up truck she can really set sail
Pushing that red line gotta make that show
got the cure you've been searching for"
He handed me a list and said, "Here's what you need
The rules of the 12 step recover"

1. Friday nights
by Himself.
Oh, you gotta walk that lonesome valley, Oh, you gotta go there by yourself
Nobody else can walk it for you, you gotta walk, walk it by

[Repeat: x12]
So he said," Head south!"

Struck by being ashamed of your old space
Just wanting that mean heat
You bleached your hair