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My Daddy was a man of letters
My Mama was a head of state
And when they got their chromosomes together
They gave me all of their recessive traits
guitar plays women like Gene Simmons.

4600 photographs, stuck into a scrapbook beneath your bed.
4599 broken hearts, and one more you can't get out
around in them Air Jordans I gave him
I said, "Pops, them from Mike, man, you better save 'em"
The fight that he had with cancer was a brave one
I want to be just you.
'Cause you took everything that’s no good and made me all brand new.

Look at my smile. That’s yours.
You gave it to me
Buckminster Fuller, inventor of the geodesic dome
Once gave a lecture he entitled 'everything I know'
Taking the title literally, he spoke four
Feel like I'm locked in a cell, LA the Darkman, Nelson Mandela
I gave out consignment, fuck you, nigga, pay me
Elementary, dear Watson, gats keep
of me
Just because I was different, just because I was doing what I love
And the fans they say they love you, but they push and they shove
Cause they want
not defined by his race
Even though it's in the millions that shit don't define my brilliance
Open your mind and maybe you can see the billions
(They dribble on my balls in the whip, now that's a sports car)
Dog, you gotta see him when he drive by
(Cock-eyed) Have all the Ladys goin' GaGa
gotta show me love, cause shit I love myself
A fuck I’ll never give, I ain’t got none left
Gave you all of me, but overlooked cause my appearance
killed my enemys, occupy guns
Say goodbye cause you only die once
My minds grotesque and so ugly, so focused, so hungry
Trust me, young Gene Simmons,
[Chorus 2X: John Cena]
We roll by in the pimp ride (then we)
Walk through with the pimp slide (y'all know me)
Crew heavy on the thick side
said she had a big surprise for me 
gave me the very kiss and plus a ring and a card 
and said I love you, so I gave her the rest of my heart
said she had a big surprise for me 
gave me the very kiss and plus a ring and a card 
and said I love you, so I gave her the rest of my heart
mean look at my features, educated my teachers
I was calling them plays, you were still in the bleachers
Booby gave me the game, change to give me some
'em up like cupid
And if you gave me a basketball, I'll show you how to shoot it
My head's polluted cause I'm truly bobbin to the bottom
If a pair
they can stick it

'Cause I'm never goin' back
I'm never goin' back
I'm never goin' back

The girls back home never gave me a chance
But I sho'
Deeper than the page of a book let me look
You let me hit the stage, that's when I got my folks hooked like

No, I ain't never been pimped by
burnin heaters if you cheat us
dudes workin the slugs
And get the sex baby 'cause I'm addicted to fame
You make me bust just by screamin my name
and when I
to the K
I know you see the inside of the presidents
Brains sprayed by the great
Country that we gave birth to that buried them
I've never been credited
wonder I get speared by my peers, yeah I'm a target
It used to take a nation of millions for niggas not to be
Amerikkka's Most gave America hope
Back when