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You been beat down cast out kicked in the shins
Never ever, ever did they think You could win
Like an underdog story, or return of a king
Stop by and see us for tea

And I stole your soul when you weren't looking
I reached inside and cut it free
It suits me more than it's ever suited
Pleading, alimghty, why can't you hear me
My only sin
Was to kill a man

Deep was my pain
But I'd do the sam again
Beat it out, out of me, 
Cut me up
infected by the sound
Oh, oh, stop, this beat is moving me
Hey Dr. DJ let the music take me underground

(Everybody in the club!)
Oh, oh, evacuate
on the beach to a calypso beat
The happy mullet jumps for the pure joy of being alive

If you can't stop in, least smile as you go by
If you can't stop in,
cast out and defined by sin
I believed I could be some kind of hero but I got lost
And on my way to heaven
I was dragged through hell

“For dust you
The best part was always in our hands

You can have the whole wide world
The best part was always in our

Cast aside, this can't be stopped by
the beat and the bass 'cause I cant
Confess my rock and roll ways
'Cause I'm so possessed with the music
The music he plays

I cant stop my feet from dancin'
Thought he cast his own shadow

By the backstage door
Like a trip through the past
To that day in the rain
And that one guitar

Made his
it, blue days
Are better left behind
By juicin' up your system
With this beat of a heavy kind

I'm in love, so in love
And I can't stop talking
Your heart will beat more fonder
With life
And breath still enters your body

Repeat verse one

If you still coming me nah run
If you still
the sky
The sky can't stop me now
Even the sky
The sky can't stop me now

From now on I'm out on the wrong side of the track
Takin' a long look back
And no
A reign, invincible
Sitting right at the top
A domination
Something you just can't stop

Face the opponent
Take 'em down one by one
Take no prisoners
'83 Lees

You can't stop you got to keep on
Keep keep keep keep keep on
You can't stop you got to keep on

I mean that's all I got, except I've
we'll be flyin'
My world's a chain of one-night-stands
Strung together by the center line
I don't know where I'll wake up tomorrow,
But I can't let
Life has cast a smile
In this game of chance
But you can't take for granted
That you've got it all worked out

Fool if you think there's nothing
'Cause with every other beat of my heart
I know that we should never b apart
And if it hurts this bad by dawn
I'm gonna stop this train & never get back
Don’t stop being you, don’t stop being G
Egotistical, mystical, officially
Shuffle my feet to the beat with my heat in the stash
G in the bag with
On me, but if you start me, start
Me, start me you can't stop me,
Stop me, stop me. When she begins
To rock, honey, I begin to roll
I was hangin' by
Been unleashed since the glee club
Had your fam saying please make me a dub
Well, since you ask kindly
Where he been behind the mask
Who can't find me?
I watch as innocence is slaughtered
Can't stop the ringing in my head
You can't see what I see,
You can't feel what I feel

Guilty, the time
To subatomic particles, strong enough to stop a bull 
Bodies slam, to oxygen, drop a mule 
Urinating rocket fuel, freestylin over gospel tunes 
Rhymes by
Cast away to an island
Nothing’s harder than hiding
Being all by myself
You’re resorting to violence
You turned into a tyrant
Telling me stop being
by myself
You’re resorting to violence
You turned into a tyrant
Telling me stop being silent
But the silence deafening

But the silence deafening
you can't stop
Cause it feels like an overdose
(Feels like an overdose)

Evacuate the dance-floor
I'm infected by the sound
Stop this beat is killing me