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You Can Sleep While I Drive (Trisha Yearwood) · Pickin' on Melissa Etheridge: A Bluegrass Tribute (Pickin' On) · Melissa Etheridge [Deluxe Edition] (Melissa Etheridge) · Melissa Etheridge (Melissa Etheridge) · Pickin' on Melissa Etheridge: A Bluegrass Tribute (The Sidekicks) · Melissa Etheridge (Melissa Etheridge) · Melissa Etheridge (Melissa Etheridge) · Melissa Etheridge (Melissa Etheridge) · Drive, Drive, Drive (Fergie & The Steelheads) · While We Sleep (Shulmansystem) – and 90 other albums »

you feel this)
Feel this
Can you feel this?
Can you, can you feel this?

Riding by windows shakin' while I'm passin' by
Gotta big screen TV in
will not last
I will not sleep
While you are throwing anchors
To a drowing generation
Yeah, well that's what I said
Drive drive the vultures home
tint you can't see through
And my rims way bigger than yours

Hot gun half a bird man I ride like that
I ain't even tryna swerve I just drive like that
old house
Days go by
But I'm still in love 
With who we used to be
Now you're just a precious memory
I can count on every night to hold me tight
man Caprice own
You finna take off them twenties and put them big 23's on

Watchin' the latest DVD's with the TV's on
It's hot AC in winter can turn
And drive by the projects while a nigger hollar

I let her drive the V
She's my pretty young thing
I let her ride with me
She's my pretty
town's got nothing left
For a couple of high school prom rejects
This old car has got a new headlight
And you can sleep while I drive
So slip a little
out to all the refugee gangs around the world
Signal, signal, y'all need to chill with the drive-by's
It was the fourth of July I heard the cherry bomb
That don't bother me
But when you try to park
And I'm tryin' to sleep

No, no, no
You can't park it here
You can't park it here
It may be your car
The future in his hands:"
Or a spineless human pinball
Shot around by your demands 

Suicide suicide
Goin' to sleep and when I die
You'll look up
can leave this town if only for the weather
I could drive and you could sleep
While the radio collides to the sound of our heartbeats

What do you say
I got sleep in my eyes and my bones ain't tellin' lies
Wish this rig could drive itself I'd rest a while
Can't go too fast or slow why I keep drivin'
Another drive by love affair
Why don't you tell someone who cares
If you care

Gimme a sign, gimme a reason to be here
I'm out of my mind, when will
I get up brush my teeth
Take it easy watch some t.v
And I think about what I'm not going to say
While I eat and you sleep in

I make a wish
can you be?
When you getting little sleep and all you eat is take out
But the show must go on when you live in dusk 'till dawn
If I don't rap every
Bury me in the bedroom where I,
I can sing you to sleep all night.
Put me next to the open window,
Promise me a second time.
'Cause I don't want
at my style
When I pull up I drive the girls wild
All they can say is wow, wow
All they can say is wow, wow

I ain't playin' dead, it live in the south
the neighbors
You know, it's wonder I can't sleep
I can't sleep

A song without a chorus
You know this is my first attempt
'Cause that would really bore us
Baby, when you drive by
We'll get high, four twenty-seven in the night
Show up when you wanna
Babe, I hope you know it's alright, I don't mind
home alive
She warned against his loss of sleep
And driving fast in that old heap
And that he had to be at work by five

B.J. the D.J. you're living much
I remember, wasn't so long ago
We had a one room shack and the livin' was low
And my Mama by herself raised me and my bro
Wasn't easy, but we did it
just to have a Roman feast.
To be fed grapes by pretty women while lying at their feet.
I would try to be smooth.
I would try to be smooth.

I'll sleep by the phone if you call me up I'll drive you home
I don't just disappear I need to be where you are
I see it now when you're working
Sleep til noon
Rap Pam Grier's here
Baby drinkers beware, mostly Dolce wear
Frank kill niggas lives for one point five
While you struggle and strive
stay friends
Every street sign I drive by, it takes me back
Right to the bedroom, your perfume, little black dress
You say you love me while your