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purposes, my goals
The feeling when you realize you've been working for your foes
And the curtains have just opened and they worthlessness exposed
all been deleted
By versions of selves that we thought were the best ones
'Till versions of versions of others repeating
Come laughing at everything
at first fuckin' with studio virgins
To purge the wack, I download the upgraded version
Now performin' our percussion 
Constructed up by the Persian
yourself in some kind of Hell
A new version of where you are now 
Truth's unveiled
You'll never ever get out

At a glance - Sudden avalanche
Suffocated me
A version of a virgin purified by a bleeding heart you ruined my life
And it's never ending
This air spoiled by the times when you were here
And I feel
Cause radio will last to infinity
As long as my name is the B-I-Z
Emmezah-A-R-K and I'm hear to say
Number one entertainment form in the like U
Took my mind on this road, you too
I took my mind on this road, way through
I take your mind on this road, you do
I took my mind on this road, way
it's worth I see the purpose of life
I see below the surface and the version that you know and hold is not right
Hahaha, man I oughta just laugh
version of Me and My Bitch by Biggie
With all respect cause you the only one that gets me

Where is he?
The man who was just like me
I heard he was hiding
yourself (all by yourself)
But he was right there by your side
You were bout to lose everything, but God (In the hospital with your baby)
When the doctor
of lost treasures. 
Goodbye to you. Goodbye to everything.

She speaks:
Was I ever really alive?
Did I stay in his mind?

Goodbye to all I've known

bring me to the end and I'll be me 

open up your eyes wide so you can see 

it's thick to be me 

how I kick my rhymes down pat
right away,
you will be thrilled, because the other seat is filled
by a long-standing friend of yours.

Well, here we are face to face once
by life, while suffocating inside a poor version of one. Grip the match, set the fire. Don't save a thing.
Rebirth. Reborn. Now this is progress.
and never dine alone, meanwhile back at sea level it was home by home zone for zone, bloom county's homeless riot for home ownership, I hope you put gas in
don't believe what you believe, I'm goin' to Hell

Come on, if I die right this second, I reckon
That God would simply check into my life and times
Look don't worry 'bout anything they told you
Remember what she SAID about winter and what the cold do
Everything's a season and some things you
to find God when my clips inserted
Words are blurted when we bust guns, you heard it
Left ya murdered

I know ya, was stunned by the verdict
I'm a free man,
'cause you was there through tha rain and tha sunny days
Stood by me when most chicks would run away
That's why you get respect when you're around my crew
on the mic to my sisters and brothers
Every time you listen to the radio
All you hear is nonsense, they never play the bomb shit
Everything that glitters
What did you care?
etc. etc.

Anything and everything can be so easily institutionalised,
A poor parody of itself. Itself contained by itself.

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