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I will love You Lord, my strength
I belong to You
I will bless You while I live
And I will lift my hands up in Your name

Jesus, You alone are
oh Lord, the cry of our hearts
Is to let our lives speak of how great You are


You are worthy, You are holy
You alone are deserving
You are
The heart is the fortune of all women kind
They're always controlled, they're always confined
Controlled by their parents until they are wives
There are secrets that you keep
There are secrets that you keep
There are secrets that you tell to me alone
I can't reach things I can't see
And God knows it's a shame
As we look to pass the flame
We are not the worthy bearers of his name

For the world to know the truth
There can
Dru Hill and a little more ill
(Hey Keith, we want you to be ill)

	Leave me alone, leave me alone!
	(Politics, politics..)
	Leave me alone, leave
There's a man who
Lives by the sea
He takes his daydreams
Very seriously

You'll never see him
He lives all alone
He won't go out or
Pick up
all you got so don these broken wings
Sands of time run out, bells of Hades ring
Is this a nightmare to un-hallow thy name
Smell of brimstone dancing
on the shores 
That once bore witness to many wars
Are now alone to face the wind and rain

And that is pouring everywhere 
So leave the world in nature's
alone by the St. Augustine bell thinking about you since
You went away
We used to sit here and watch as the shadows played
And if I try real hard, I
they tell you as they are
Repeating that old seaman's rule

Watch out for those outlaws and pirates
Lord knows that they'll steal you blind
Don't mess
bells still ring
But I just want you back you are everything

I made the choice
To live life without your love
The time has gone by
And still it?s
away your Presence keep me near it
I'm waiting patience on you Lord I know you hear my cry
Restore your Joy in me
For you alone I live and die

of hope for the artists
Their caves, which the trains never can reach,
So I go by foot
Rainbows in the sewer rising just like me
I'll live in the hollows
alone, and I was singing this song to you

Fully-Automatic, Whateva you want to know
We got's to cry, That I
Stand in the back and ready, Attack
And I'm a go make my bed
Tuck in the other side
These confessions are mine
But I'll not claim a word

This restless parade
Yes I watched it go by
to know that,
alone, someone has cried. But memories are ours to keep.
To live them again, in our sleep.
My given time is this
Live and die by the grind driven by the fist
Where do you place my name 
If I never played your game
We don't race
And the fact that you are living is what life is all about
So live your life to the fullest
According to your happiness and the betterment of all

Damn man,
and I'm tryin' to scream out shits not fair,
I can't tell you where I'm at, or how I got here,
Surrounded by all white, maybe it's just cloudy,
Desert Rose
Why do you live alone
If you are sad
I'll make you leave this life
Are you white, blue or bloody red
All I can see is drowning in cold
We know the presidents are flowin' by who's sackin' them
I'm that type of guy when poppa wasn't happy with it
Trippin' them up, that was my
to do it
You got yourself into it, you blew it
You egomaniac, I'm a brainiac
You came back with a stone cold plain attack
Your rhymes are weak-wack, how
mind, joke your mind) 
Joke ya, joke ya, joke ya mind 
(I pray the Lord my soul to keep) 
Open eyes, the dream's alive 
See the dragon slipping by
some of the scandals are caused by people posin' as evangelists
But if Jesus loved His enemies and Pharisees
Then there's no reason that you can't get

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