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Yerk yerk
Yerk yerk
I just popped a yerk
Yerk yerk
Watch lil baby twerk
Off the yerk
She gone up her skirt
Off the yerk
Yerk yerk
We don't know
Call up the gang
Fire like flame
I’ll Still be
trapping if I get the fame
I took a yerk
It hit my brain
I’m taking
Off like I am a plane
I hit
We in this bitch, foe, we in this
This like the 40th L in this bitch, so

Yerk 30 high, real dirty Sprite
Bitch, you heard me right
ride with a choppa yo bitch and my Glock
I’m off 2 yerks and Its hot
Bro dropped the pin so we hitting the spot yuh
I catch an opp he gon drop
I stay up
you on your story with some guys getting turnt
Fuck this bullshit Cam lemme get a yerk, yeah lemme get a thirt
You such a bitch I'm such a jerk

We was
a fuck what you talm bout
Get off a yerk we gone rock out
I'm fresh as hell when I hop out, yeah
Pop out
Glizzy gone step wit that glock out
You only speak
a yerk maybe a pink or two
Diamonds is yellow like pikachu
Oh yea yea i got my glock at the kickback
Uppin some shots if i see that this bitch packed
I’m from the mud baby, grew up misbehaving
Brodie said he quit the yerks, I know he miss the feeling
Been on my thug lately, bitch i’m from
Wasssup with to-mothafuckin-nite?
Gon' have to catch me while you can shit flying
He off the yerk so he bet not get tired
If you ain’t putting in the work
We do shit you ain’t bout
Better think 'for you shout
Yeah I’m from New Yerk but I don’t hide it in my sock
Ya catch me out I got the strap you see
Twit me, I am thy tyke;
Meekness for thee aught.

Yerk me to weal daut',
Sweven nor Muse
Wad taw me to this ruddy hue 
Wark aptly my drear,
like a burglary
Off a yerk, might fuck if she heard of me 
Swag flu, my closet infirmary 
The hardest decisions to make is in front of me
Twit me, I am thy tyke;
Meekness for thee aught.

Yerk me to weal daut',
Sweven nor Muse
Wad taw me to this ruddy hue -
Wark aptly my drear,
at Christmas
Shopping sheer drives me berserk
On the day before I rush in a store
Like a perviveval yerk
I'll look at nightgowns for my wife
Those black
and had a foursome
Five in the morning, folks off yerks tryna blow some
I'm like, "Chill out, you just smoked some"
Next time mask up so they don't know
Walk along this white line
So I can calm down quicker
Bro pass me the yerk like a runnin back
I make this play
And you don’t get your money back
me up and i'm friends with her cousin
Unh, Lil' bitch
I'm off a yerk and it's bussin'
Blowing that pressure it's smelling like onions
Unh, like onions?
might pop a yerk
And her bday next week so I might cop a purse
I got a lil show tonight so I might cop a shirt
And I could never eat no pussy unless she
The pressure applier
Off 30s
I'm fit for the diet
Yerks... (Perks)
In person
I Feel like tiger
It's a marvelous Night...
Lets fuck up
put me in the dirt
Only feel alive when I’m poppin all these yerks
Sike I lied I’m numb but it hurts
Going day by day but my heart in the gutter
Wish I
got the stings and I serve out the hotel
Too many yerks Imma buy em in wholesale
Aiming at you from ya top to ya toenail
You tellin stories
and she ain't wanna cuff
Wifing the breesh now the bitch is a dub
Pockets was hurt
No food in the crib I'ma off the yerk
Brody a demon he doing the most
the perk 
Lil n**** you know I buss off the yerk 
Post at the store I'm serving the work
Lil n**** keep playin im makin em twerk
The 40 gone clap you know
sip the act 
Now I'm movin real slow 
Pop a yerk for my back 
Give the fiends what 
They want bitch I serve 
It like crack I re up on 
The sack bitch

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