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Cathedrals have tried in vain
To show the image of your face
But we are, by your design
The signature of divine

We'll always sing your name
is loaded
And, if you're not there, by the toot of the horn
(Kick it) Uh, I'm gone, car hoppers!

Car hoppers, car-car-hoppers (hey)
Car hoppers
the light, I'm reaching through the fight
Yahweh, show me the Kingdom
Arms open wide, death swallowed up by life
Yahweh, show me the Kingdom

Why are some
Written by Shawn McDonald

You alone, are worthy
You alone, are worthy
Of all that I am
Of all that I am
Beautiful is Your name
Beautiful is Your
Stand not in our way, stand not in our way, Beelzebub;
Get behind us, behold the Yahweh,
Stand not in our way, stand not in our way, 
Everlasting God
The years go by but You're unchanging
In this fragile world
You are the only firm foundation
Always loving always true
A downward spiral of despair that I keep falling in
I need You, oh I need You, to You my soul shall fly
I need You, oh, I need You, Yahweh, how I
Words and music by Bob Hartman
Based on 1 Peter 3:15, 2 Timothy 4:2

Enough of the sidelines, gotta get in the game
When nothing is ventured, nothing
Spring still paints fire escapes with Hopper shades
Radio's rap and screech like trains
A figure's floating through the sewing set
Some guy walks
A teenage girl, a Nazarite
Who loves Yahweh and does what's right
Is visited by an angel

She's terrified, mystified
'Till he clarifies that
don't got no wins in Mi Casa 
Hit it Hip Hoppers turn it up a notch make it it hot cha 

You don't got no wins in Mi Casa 
I'm warnin you partna meth
dont got no wins in Mi Casa
(Bomb Droppa throw you outch ya mind who shot ya)
You dont got no ends in Mi Casa
(Hit it Hip Hoppers turn it up a notch make
This moment's brought to you by love

Dashiki Lover (Dashiki Lover!) Dashiki!
Dashiki Lover (Dashiki Lover!) Dashiki!

Just a townie out with

Ferris was geht ab?
(Yo, Afrob was geht ab?)
Hast du Bock? (Ja, klar)
Komm wir rocken jetzt die Stadt
Yo, macht euch locker
Denn dieser
But was silent, like a lamb led to the slaughter
So he opened not his mouth

The might of Yahweh stands revealed
And by his wounds we are all healed
Crafted out of the souls of Gods and Goddesses 
Joined for incarnation 

Olympus, Zeus, Yahweh, Jove 
Rama, Brahma, Vidar, Kronos
never taught me nothin' 'bout this in catholic school
They only said if I was bad, I would incur the wrath of mr. yahweh
But the bodies were uncurled
time broke down body and mind
And some time when I don't see a rain cloud floatin' by Lord I just feel like dyin'
My pa used to tell me when I was a boy
face, it's a whole new game
Then I saw your face, and I was changed forever
Yours forever now

Then I saw your face

I was blinded by my selfish
Kaizers Orchestra - Min Kvite Russer

Lyrics written by Janove Ottesen.

Månen er full i kveld
Den er like kvit og full som
meg og min
Ey yo
Das ist Afrob und Ferris MC
And we don't stop
Ey yo das geht raus (ja man)
An alle meine Kopfnicker, Hip Hopper
Mongo Clikke

rain on them bitches a bucket full of ones

We got them gold diggers, cold bitches
That wanna party off patron liquor, car hoppers the hard stoppers
Liked by the thugs, liked by the nerds
I'm real super, hot in the eighties
Even Austin Powers'd say "Yeah baby"
The hip-hopper, unpredictable showstopper
I don’t play by the rules I’m a menace to the game
If I got a problem with it Imma say some’n, Stand bold on my faith and I ain’t budging
And I’m
terror, by night fall you might fall
Off your pedestal but leave my rhyme work alone
You can't decode my shit without the use of Rosetta stone
This ain't