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and me, an X-ray machine
I swear that day you saw straight through me

We're two bags of bones broken and talking of people we both know in common
at the end of my Cornetto
I love the way your underwire bra
Always sets off that X-ray machine

Comin? into land and
Now I love the colour of it all
on bag
Tipped off the x-ray machine
'Cause then an angel straight from heaven
Asked me to 'step behind that screen'
And when I felt the wand sweep over
doom and I am 17 pages through this notebook now and there are little more than pictures of how I see you in an X-ray machine
That's more like
Take me to the E.M.W. 
Take me to the x-ray rhythm machine 
Let me see the song I had to write 
Let me hear the soundwaves of the other patients
to wait for 

I wrote his name on a big piece of cardboard 
As a joke to hold it up when he came 
I couldn't go past the x-ray machines 
I had to wait
Drain the veins in my head 
Clean out the reds in my eyes to get by security lines 
Dear x-ray machine 
Pretend you don't know me so well 
Ang sarap sanang magkaroon ng
Sapatos na lumilipad
Spaceship, kotse ni batman
X-ray shades at laser gun

Magic wallet na hindi nauubusan ng laman
Just give me new skin
With mechanical-like arms
And x-ray eyes
And ears to hear your needs

Give me chemical blood so I can
Run faster than the speed
wearing off.
Adjust the light switch in the hall,
Someone has left it on
And maybe the x-ray screen keeps it from getting dar
The bulb burns out when it
is red and nature
Falls in disgrace
Space is dread
There's no place to be safe
The quasar is coming
Ordered by my mind
Spreading X-rays
Bring my x-ray visions
See trough you, lace for day
Every bullet counts
And we don't bush straight
I leave you in your ways
Leave your
letting go

As the x-ray clearly shows
This thing was broken long ago

The bars will close
And the ashtrays overflow

I won't be there on Thursday
a message from my doctor
And he says: "Hey lucky break!
It was just a dirt on the X-ray
Whoops! I made a mistake!"

And then I slipped off the chair
And I was
You can feel it from a distance 
Like a nuclear bomb
She knows she's looking good 
With the new dress on
And all the guys with the X-ray eyes
or a week?
When the betting shop's closing its doors, so to speak.
When you're tied to a pump and a breathing machine,
With their X-rays and probes