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Go, go, go, go, go, go
Take a look at his style
Take a check of the sound
Off the record people keep him down
Trick a chick in Miami
Terminator X
the world go round

Old folks judge you by the clothes you wear
They'd swear you're a Hippy if you have long hair
Young politicians fight for poverty
movin' belong to me
That component set was given to me
By a pimp buddy of mine disco d
He told me frisco e
This here gone be
The baddest pimp nigga
That left me scarred
And when I stand and meet my maker
I'll be born again hard

Don't judge me by my sins
by looks and fall for a cheap imitation
See us we must abide by our labeled limitations
They missed the X'd fists, jump kicks in nike
There ain't even
Every year I drive out to Cape Cod for the last part of June
Leave the city by 10, then you're there in the late afternoon
On the way, there's
mind, he well knows what 
He'd find if he looked a little deeper in you - in you

[Chorus: x2] 
Drag the waters some more 
Like never before
out as no hope in hell

has turned out heavenly

so lucky for me

Just goes to show you can't judge a book by the cover

if I had I'd still be
Makes that eight by ten a brighter hill

Before he started doing all the hard time that he's doing
He was singing in them honky-tonks and dives
He dreamed
Lord, I'd never see her again

Growin' up came quietly in the arms of Maybel Joy
Laughter found our morning's, brought new meaning to my life
I woke
The judge had no mercy for this Waycross Georgia boy
Sometimes at night in silence Lord I'd listen
That midnight freight to take me back to Mabel
Ten tons against me and you've gone
I put your favorite records on
And sit around
It spins around
And you're around again
Struck dumb while
were scars that he took
And a lesson to be learned
Never judge lovers by a good looking covers
The lover might be spurred

Oh poor Romeo
partner's butt 

I see MC's in my face with their ass up 

Let me put my cape on, my rubber and my mask up 

Not no horror-core shit, this is porno-core
Every year I drive out to Cape Cod for the last part of June
Leave the city by 10, then you're there in the late afternoon
On the way, there's
And we'd like to build him up but we love to see him fall
Finally taken down by your hooker by the jaw

I said you gotta set him free

Pussies relax, I'd rather fuck them with a cordless mic 
Could rob a horse, pull your panties off and pay the cost 

[Chorus: x2] 

I get deep on the dubs
Vocals never sound weak on the dubs
Man say they wanna hear me dubs on the dubs
I can spit fast like D Doubs on the dubs
Tryin' to tell it to the judge

Hook 2x:

Coming up in this game
Was a bogus generation
Living life just to bang
Just to slang's my occupation
altercation in a beer joint with a knife,
He said judge I mean your honor I hope you'll understand,
but if it happened here today I think I'd do it all again,
knows but me

The judge said son, what is your alibi
If you were somewhere else, then you won't have to die
I spoke not a word, thou it meant my life
On these streets, anything goes 
He was on the road 
It took 'em ten to do him in 
The killas fled, damn, but they'll be back again 
He was Polo'd down
of incident
The black latex, D's can't get the print
The flyin' spur so fly, I had to get the bent
Got initials on the door scrap, initials on the floor mat
always making plans to date
Come and find me tomorrow 
Goodbye, girl

She's too invested in the hours that pass her by
I'd pay attention if
pass her by
I'd pay attention if I thought it was worth the time
I tell her easy, but her hands they find a way.
Confusing passion for the love he