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wrong with me

I'm not impressed by you maggots
Falling on the sea
There's something wrong with you
There's nothing wrong with me
But there is
get by fine without you
I lie about you
You got no spine only mine
Don't you know wrong from right

It's up to you
You're such a fool

See I'm
got no spine only mine, don't you know wrong from right?
You got no style about you, I try to like you
I got no time for you now 'cause your time's
knowing about your slick style
Word around the way
That every time I go out of town
Your creeping around

And girl I got to let you know
Yeah, smooth
Check it out

(The style that you're used to)		--> Humpty Hump

You hear a lot of different songs
But a lot of the same style
You know
wrote this song)
I, I, I did you wrong (But I ain't done yet, listen)

I know this dame by the name of Susie
Always in my ear like she ain't no
got the wicked style 
I like the way that you are 
I am your biggest fan, oh

Harajuku girls 
I'm looking at you girls 
You're so original girls
And I'm hypnotized by the rhythm of your hips
It's so hard to hide and I can't resist

It's about your kiss, it's about your lips
It's about the way you
'Cause Ghetto has the style that has the girls jockin'
When you talk about the system, all you say is "Rockin'!"
Others hear the name, then scream out
keeps you a long way away from me

Because I hate your style and your smile, and I regret
That almost everything about you makes me wish that we'd
Wild hair color and cell phones
Your accessories are dead on

[Chorus:Repeat x2]
Harajuku girls, you got the wicked style
I like the way that
He had a style all his own
In my mind he could do no wrong
Misunderstood all along

He worked hard all his life
To get what he has today
Gucci Mane got a style so strange
Every word I use don't mean two thangs

You the one who won the Spelling Bee
I'm the first 3rd grader with a felony
There's a right way of thinking and a wrong way too
I got a wrong way of thinking honey that's about you
You better believe what I'm saying to you
Speed on by, don't seem to have the time
What about this life?
What about this life?
Can I come by?

Issues in the paper (somehow I'm not
decides to pass me by.
Only you see something special in my eyes
She tells me its wrong for me to cry
About almost everything
I feel so sorry for
The tables turned as the crosses burned
Remember You Must Learn
About the styles I flip and how wild I get
I go on like a space age rocket ship
we got white kids callin' themselves niggas
The tables turned as the crosses burned
Remember You Must Learn
About the styles I flip and how wild I
Ain't life a terrible thing
When your singing what you don't
want to sing
We taint life's song by singing along
Cause we're laughing at getting
copied your singing style from?
John: What about my book?
Alan: John, go away.
John: What about my...
Paul: Used to be sort of influenced by Elvis in
Raise their voices in song
Air comes out, air comes out
I know your style
You've got drastic desires and shit
Warm yourself by the fiery stage
you by the glow of the dashboard light
Falling in love in the middle of nowhere
Maybe it's wrong, but it looks like we don't care
It feels right, yeah,
What's wrong with you 
Can's you live by the way you preach
Change in time to see some more
And forget about the things you need
But I know that
her car? E type is the latest
How about the Yardbirds? Jeff Beck is the greatest!!
Have you seen her hair it's a style from heaven
Ah! she's nowhere
to smile

`Cause you know that I'm about to servin'
Christmas dinner country style
Christmas dinner country style

Everybody's sittin' by your head