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down on the ground
Then we all take turns

And you would think we were squishing on worms
I'm on that dip nigger nip nigger gotta an AK
Watch me
Sick of this shit
Been as low as I go
Now the tables will turn
Now everyone must know
The hunter's become the hunted
I will take you down one by one
packin' one of these

Chorus repeat

But wait a minute
Did you hear it cough
This crazy arm
We can't turn off
It's rollin' round
And diggin' down a mile
Loaded guns attract. We know the rules, we don't react. We wait in hope, we don't expect - You and me and rainbows.
Down here everything is fine. We have
not run
Unlike our tears that trickle down the decades soon to come.
You promised us a "Golden Age", we couldn't wait to try it
But never told us
gallery wall its like not a wave crash 
similar to last or next heckle me not already doctored by regrets gray rain 
beligerant fragments bomb acid
you, fuck it, I'm official

Bone wit more gristle, thrown from chrome nickel
Place that don't tickle, can't wait to zone wit you
I'm hard as stone
an even keel
But now I'm not sure what is real.
It's taken me this long to learn
That every dead is ate by worms
And once they're gone they don't return
And havin' nightmares about gettin' big scrilla
And that's the type of shit that turn these mama boys to killers
On the realer, it's a nigga comin' back for
Cop my double players
Cleo still hittin' 'till 38's pump and they up it
Yell it and could never by defunk-ed
I'm totemed in the fashionable flyers
Finally got to Washington in the middle of the night
I couldn't wait
I headed straight for the Capitol Mall
My heart began to pound
Yahoo! It
the balls between my legs and I think
I can feel it dangling, it's throbbing and it's veiny
Wait I think I got it, okay bitch I got you, Robin Williams
They say that one little lie turns into another. 
Then you go and cheat by the time you know it, 
You all wrapped up in a whole bunch

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