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teach I and I and I Amharic 
I like to be taught by African, African teacher 
So right, natty like to be bright so bright 
So bright so bright brighter
and jealously zero visibility ahead of me
But I still

Work hard step by step together work hard work hard step by step yea we'll put Together
Jah bless
I don't see the future, I feel it day to day
Dirty nights are passing by, I gotta learn to pay
Trucking down to London, gigs that never end
Well i'd like to tell you all about my dream, it's a place
Where strip malls abound and diversion's mere moments away

Where culture's defined by
the perfect sellers dream let us all look like the models on TV when you believe that you're worth nothing.
It's for commercial functions to work.
By lowing
We're models
There's me, there's you (Hoko ten)
In a pedestrian paradise
Where the catwalk got it's claws
A sub-culture, and a kaleidescope
And I don't joke when it's time to go to work
Wack MC's play like Pee Wee Herman and get jerked
In the cypha, Mad Skillz gets hyper
More heads show
Walk up the driveway endlessly curving
Go through the front door, it's so inviting
Baronial great hall once so exciting
Haunted by shadows faces
Every girl of culture's got a favorite car
The kind of car that makes a girl lose her cool
My daddy had a yellow Riviera Star
That he used to let
They pay me by the hour and I don't even have to think
Charismatic bore and I don't want to work no more
I'm gonna kill the next customer who
So you're the man, and you've been told what that means. Now you need to control,
To fit the social role that's been issued to you by our culture
spirit by side, 
Joining hearts and hand and ancestral twine, ancestral twine

Many tribes of a modern kind, 
Doing brand new work, same spirit by
[Culture Freedom]
For those that can't be themselves shall be destroyed

Verse 1
[Wise Intelligent]
Students listen to the lesson I be
Coming from the ghetto there's no future for the poor
Where the cops don't care if a bullet hits a bone
Where's there's unemployment and no work
Before the laws and the social orders
Before the calls of the lieutenant's order
Before the rise of pop culture
Before the guards at the borders
Coming from the ghetto there's no future for the poor
Where the cops don't care if a bullet hits a bone
Where's there's unemployment and no work
but i like you most all the time
anchored by my need to know you outside of your window
in plain view of pigeons and bums 
but you're so

And those whose greed was the strongest of all
Took upon themselves to lead the call
That some must work while other rest
Without the question
I never even tried counter
Culture passed me right by
(I'm on the outside)

Don't talk to debutantes
Don't eat in restaurants
The patrons sit
Get me closer to sticky soaking women if the poker
This is the culture
Where we kiss the chocha
And if she know to get below the big derover

I'm fascinated by the Japanese fashion scene 
Just an American girl in the Tokyo streets 
My boyfriend bought me a Hysteric Glamour shirt
Struck by nine and dead by one 
We all bleed red don't we 
No matter what side of town we're from 
We're from

And I was driving out of town
For education and culture, heads is waitin' for Mos to
Do the album with Kweli, we do it like we suppose to
Nobody come close to my crew, we wild nice
I can always find the time to lay out in the sand
Watching as the waves roll by it makes me understand
What it is to make a life that means a little
the reason I'm a speak my mind, keep from going insane
Now work with it, we in the last innin'
The world keeps spinnin', my peoples steady losin' while

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