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Hey sit down and listen and they'll tell you when you're wrong
Eradicate but vindicate as progress creeps along
Puritan work ethic maintains its
I needed to
I know that you want me to be happy
As long as that happiness coincides
With your stylised distortions of my values
And a work ethic that
the circuit breaker. 

We are drawn to a lack of effort, 
As we abandon all work ethic. 
There's a difference between using and being used. 
I am guilty
My work ethic's been destroyed
And I'm glad I'm unemployed
I'm always broke so what's been gained
Thank God for the government
Stuck to the cough
Submission will not be my crime
I refuse to work nine to five
Do not support these compromise
The work ethic and all the other lies

There's a galaxy
have made. Those who succeed

Do so through good work ethic and their wise use of their power to choose
The opposite is true for those who fail
could live without heeding it? Now the boundaries have all shrunk to fit to lifestyles. Based on total social complicity to work ethic, media,
gettin' that degree at Stanford or Harvard
Threatened by my work ethic, the way I speak, yo
Should I be mentally weak, verse being Malik
Yo, should I be
a monster, no I’m not a Lochness
Put my, put my, put my work ethic damn in that lock next
That’s why this little Trini girl get the top checks
Went from
They've incorporated their culture and their values into the city and they've enriched the city 
both like, from uh, you know work ethic and you
has no work ethic
So let's shake to that, don't wanna give you dap
Or figure out whatever hand dance you're bringing back
For I am not a tween, don't
the easy way out, too often, son 
We better get some kind of work ethic 
Realize it, and correct it

[Sweet Sable] 
Living, in this world 
?with many moves, that’s me!
I could change the colors in the wind,
My Italian boys bought a boom, bought a bing!
Forget about it!
My work
I got the wordplay of Wallace, work ethic of Shakur
I was sent into to the future with a message from the Moors
I went to war, my weapon just
with them
I ain't knowin' nothin' but them
Toughen the skin ha ha
Now it's all about your work ethic
In a word check it
In a word check it

{Persue my strategy , when it comes down to my work ethic
I mean it's simple, just be the best, you know what I'm sayin'?
To be the best, the first,
Then I saw Kanye's hanging from his gold necklace
Then Ye gave me mine, that show you my work ethic
Mom had that hooptie that she ran in the dirt
on Garth, shwing!, work ethic harder than a Mexican
That's why I can walk up into any restaurant and close the whole thing
See, even G couldn't F with it
achieved, I've let it define me
I'm having panic attacks on German TV
This is not work ethic, it's survival technique
And there's nothing I can really do
gettin cash like crazy

Hard grindin pays me, work ethic is never lazy
Block hugger, the hood raised me
And she, won't be happy 'til she lays me
like crazy
Hard grindin pays me, work ethic is never lazy
Block hugger, the hood raised me
And she, won't be happy 'til she lays me
No, you never seem
the black box; FBI search method
Soul of Saddam, I'm the motherfucking bomb, check it
Inspiration of Hitler, Bruce Lee's work ethic

Sun Tzu manifested, Dali
With your work ethic it ain't gon' ever come
You had the XXL cover in 2012
And I thought you would soon prevail
But homie, you ain't doing well
You hit
you a work ethic, go about it maniacal
Carry your family, all the great ones on that Mariah flow
Come to the neighborhood, show a kid to throw
Championship work ethic, tryna chase a ring
They told me I would never make it but I didn't listen
It ain't my fault that they failed to see God's vision

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