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The dying shrimper said.
He said, "Boys, you know I had my chance
But I went and botched the job,
But how can a boy named Jesse James
Without a train to rob?"
Watched the planes come in
On the early morning flights

But I could not stand to see them land without you.
Now I'm thumbing through my
Lilly Pearl standin' by the wood stove
Cookin' up a pot of fatback and beans
Aprons made outta Martha White flour sack
Them was the days when
the mail by the wire and the rail
And your pony and you will be gone"

He came in and sits down at the end of the bar
His coveralls covered with dust
Hold this shit down, she don't know you better school her 

("Step in the Arena" sample scratched) 

Step by Step, inch by inch, piece by piece, bit
to the poor 'cause life's a bitch
If I was a cop I'd steal from the Italian
Go in the projects and unload by the batallion
If I was a cop, i'd take from you
And niggas don't know that I'm a Westside rider, rider
(And if I catch you slippin, yo ass is gone)
You get your ass bumped by the Eastside rider,
in Thursday lets make this our last day at home by the fence

Would you run? would you run? would you run down past the fence?
And she screamed
a drive-by murder your whole click
See I'm a rebel without a pulse
Cause in my neighborhood you learn not to walk 
Without a nine in your draws
It's like
Don't call me Bizarre, I'm the Reverand Jesse Jackson

[Swifty McVay]
Who the fuck is this guy, why the hell you in my presence?
It'd be cool if you
killed by a cop that thought negative
Shot in the back like a victim of Jesse James
Tell them his motherf***ing name!
Phillip Pernell, murdered by
triggers, fuckin up the game
But me you can't tame, an outlaw like Jesse James
We got east versus west, bullet-proof tef' vest
Who's the best? But let it
down when you down behind bars hurt?
You think y’all on common ground if you promise to be the first?
Can you be immortalized without your life being
to name women after produce
And that was the first Road Rules without toll booths
Even when Adam and Eve sat by the weed tree
I told Eve, "Please don't

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