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in love with my racks
Nothing better than the ATM roll
When I'm withdrawing a stack

Head of the table the boss
Family ties is the mob
I'm in a loop
It's wet and slippery
And I fall of the road
To where I wanna be

And in the early morning
I'm withdrawing
I imagine this is where I
it stank
I'm withdrawing cash when I hit the bank
You not on my level
Not up to my rank
I come from a city surrounded by hate
I just took his bitch
A hiding hole deep in the ground

I cannot find anything behind
But if I must go I'll surely stay

I'm floating farther from the sideline
Withdrawing earlier
losing you feels like fiction
Withdrawing like a victim
The craving the ache
I'm braving heartbreak
'Cause love is an addiction
And losing you is
I'm withdrawing from you and its a painful thing I just can't to do 
And if you told me you were coming for me, maybe I would go back to you 
But for
away, chip away, I'm withdrawing
Chip away, gonna pray for something new
Chip away, chip away, can you hear me calling?
Gonna wait 'til this is through
away, chip away, I'm withdrawing
Chip away, gonna pray for something new
Chip away, chip away, can you hear me calling?
Gonna wait 'til this is through
i need it quick fast
Withdrawing large amounts
So I don’t ever hit the quick cash
Don’t compare me
To these niggas
Because I got a different
They say love is a drug and I'm withdrawing 
I just wanna spend all my time with my shawty 
But the problem is she don't really want me
I wouldn't
a disease
Withdrawing I need you to breath
Please dont take my love granted
Kuz you gon come out empty handed
How the fuck you gon tryn rob a bandit
slipping I'm moving all clumsy
In front of homies I'm calling you Baby
Got my feelings all stored in a vault
And you've been withdrawing em lately
Since when
falling, you see me, withdrawing, I'm running, your stalling
I'm gone then, so long then, goodbye now, your gonna fall in
I'm seeing doubles two, take a step
you can walk right out that door
Nobody’s stopping you
(Oh no no no)
I can’t help but think you’re withdrawing
This pain in my chest must be a warning
you withdrawing your piece
Now I got my hands up 
Why you aiming at me
Telling me to comply I could end up deceased
It's a war outside
And we praying
I keep my feelings in the vault
You keep withdrawing from the bank
You keep depositing the pain
I got talk to a teller
Cuz they sent a letter bout my
all part of this problem
Pressure is building, anxiety is brewing
Health is depleting, everyday we just withdrawing more
Pressure is building, anxiety
Fallin' for that clean blank stare
Is anybody home?
Is anybody there?

Withdrawing from that clean white air
I've always been
withdrawing (Ugh huh)
Whiskey filling my glass, this is pour-scription
Give the doc a call, can I get like four bitches?
Think that’ll do me right, think
dreaming, withdrawing, fleeing into my fantasy
As I need a person to tenderly caress
He doesn't have to be superhuman but make me feel alive

What is a life
like you’re withdrawing
From me would you stop ignoring? 
Don’t let this mess get into you when you are alone
I’m not Superman 
Hope you
An unjust system withdrawing reason from the light
Over subjects immune 
The truth is in disguise
If this is the Oasis, where is the desert?
Kingdom of rocks
life with fear
Withdrawing your love here
I know you
You want to

You don't feel the absence…you won't see the pain

I'm taking a step back from inside
always too much

Gotta take pills just to feel shit
Or else I'll feel like shit
Can't live with or without it
Lost my mind or withdrawing
Maybe I need some

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