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very interesting and, ah, let me say although I disagree with some of the statements that you make and have made on other occasions, I have been a fan
the boss up
I move in silence
in a world that contains, much much violence
Sex and drugs, hoods and thugs
F.B.I. got my damn phone bugged

Chorus: Donald D
[Donald D]
In the street, blood is spilled
My sniper skills make me lethal and ill

(buck buck buck) the fat lady sang
From the ceiling I watch
the sticking

[Black Thought:]
I got this Ital mad up close and personal
The first I find to violate, 
I shall retaliate with realisms for their whole local
style up close and personal
The first I find to violate, I shall retal-
Iate with realism for they whole local
To relate, we on point like decimal
It's time to start the party if ya'll don't mind
Me and "E" clean our Adidas with 409
He rocks the highs,I dog the bass
Ya want to hear us rock?
like an inner tube
She was totally naked with tennis shoes
She looked up and said "did I win or lose?"
I said you's a winner not a beginner
Her name
Now can your mind picture, a thug nigga drinkin' hard liquor
This ghetto life has got me catchin' up to God quicker
Who would figure that all I need
Franklin put it on the coin, Google it
Read a book, Donald Gorge made it humorous
Exposing the planet, stop being nosy and scandalous
Spoken language,
cent, just to pay my rent
I had no will to ill, my mind was out to kill
I called up Kurt, got a ??? signed with Capitol
Money's flowin' now wild suckas
headaches made me sleep in a toaster
Step in my face, I'll commence the hittin'
9 milli ain't bullshittin'
Down with Seag from the 69th Curbs
Tell 'em,

[ Captain Save'm ]
I got kids that look up to me, and you can bet
I even made on-line investments on the internet
With overnight Fed-Ex's
me up now I ain't nothing to play with

Shy as you said this scene like male dominated
I mean you no some women get frustrated
It's hard to keep