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When the king dies I'm the prince
And it won't be too long

You told me I could become anything
And no I'm not just thinking wishfully
Don't tell me I'm
Wishfully thinking, what else can I do'
Then in the morning, it's always the same,
When dreaming is done, then I call out your name.

Tonight when I'm
with the stars
I wishfully search to see another being not giving up
Just wondering about their time and whether they should even look up
An omen speaks
to count the days like autumn leaves
But she’s changing my ways so easily
I know I’m probably thinking wishfully
But I’ll try anyway
I ask myself will this
to the light
We're afraid to even say goodnight
So we close our eyes and wishfully sigh
Blissfully whistling to the sky

Write the retro, catch the metro
were here
I smelled your scent but it wasn't you
I thinking wishfully I thought that you were near
Maybe you were maybe you weren't

All I ever wanted
Steady with you, that's how I wanna be
Steady and true, you're all the world to me
Wishfully thinking as I lay half asleep
Life would be so heavenly,
Of all the other places to be
There were boats drifting in the harbour
There were sailors talking in the town
That's the life for a boy who wants
On how they started thinking wishfully
Guided by fear I'm suddenly aware
Please, is anybody out there?

It was a gentle fission kiss on my block
with me
Totally fooled by the grotesqueness life potrayed
Delightful days when commands of mine life obeyed

Wishfully thinking that the world was my
bout the things you say behind my back
Is making me act differently
Lie to me
Tell me that I'm not crazy
I've been thinking wishfully
My brain's been
Huddled round the glow
Of the tiny screen
And she can't live with it
But couldn't live without it
Oh my god

I don't know why i still
go of positions held
Titles given to someone else
Molt free from this itching shell
No more lying to your self
Wishfully bring to light
All that cause
about forever
Staged by the better days 
Sane to forget her
Days look the same like 
Wishfully hum this
Blissfully sung this
Wistfully clung to scars
I just hope that you are who I figured you'd be
I know it's naive, my god
But tonight
My feelings might build, they may be big enough to erupt
I gave up everything
Wishfully thinking
I'd find  the true meaning
You were my light 
In the darkest cave
I would give it all
If it meant we could be
check 123
Spitting bars viciously
People say I do it wickedly
Or maybe that's me thinking wishfully
Do it so well I'm in the trinity
Skillfully making
Everything's meant to be
Pick up yo' dignity
Seeing shit differently, and thinking wishfully my
Body is just for the soul, ride
Living my life till'
dreaming so wishfully
It was written in the sky
But the stars fell down on top of me
At night
I see myself
And all the imperfections
Telling me I'm less than
wishfully thinking
binging on drinking
brutally honest
just what I needed
rapidly blinking
worrying our friends
this isn't worth it
not what we
a place to
You're mother nature's
You'll find a place to

And from that moment she lived on the run
Wishfully thinking she would go back
wishfully wishing like it was Christmas Eve
Feel like John Legend Good Gas getting lifted
In the booth Menlik in the corner pearling big spliffs
hate living life so wishfully
I'll rest in paradise with chivalry 
I need empathy not sympathy
Baby, won't you be a better friend to me

Yeah, this my
So wishfully naive 
Then you shook me awake
Yeah, you shook me awake

Yeah, you're walking away from me now
My eyes are open,

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