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I'm Not Lisa
Jessi Colter
Words and music by Jessi Colter
I'm not Lisa, My name is Julie.
Lisa left you years ago.

My eyes are not blue, but
Wings of storm 
Carrying me home 
From the fields of jetblack war 
Victory of mine 
Lost of enemy 
My sword painted by blood 
I hail my gods
By Michael Nesmith
My latest sun is sinking fast,
My race is nearly run,
My strongest trials now have passed,
My triumph is begun.
Oh, come, angel
And if I sing out in the dark of night
Or praise You in the light of dawn
Hear my song and lift me on Your wings
And if I worship You in solitude
Left at dusk, a trail of flames.

Reach up high to touch the sky,
Brothers in arms side by side.
In defiance we unite
For the glory and victory
And for
This stallion and sword in exchange
for my heart and both of my eyes.
The ravens of swift wings my sight
Surely now victory must be mine.

family, my precinct

And I'm looking at liberty, good belief
Revolution, new obsession
Ideas, like new years
And good things are growing wings
Of knowin' the watercolour ponies will one day ride away

And the vision can get so narrow, as you view through your tiny world
And little victories can go by
As I draw my sword

Scream as you die and I'll grow stronger
A war of hate!
Bodies of our enemies shall flow like in a flood
Angels wings are
In great numbers we advance before dawn
By the great hail this great fight is born
Among the clouds now our black wings fills the air
No more
can I bounce back when I feel so hurt, yeah
Raise your cup to the sky
Spread your wings out wide
Champion nananananan
Champion, tonight

We will
The waiting fills her with delusion and memories gone by
"How could I give life to my baby and then let him go die?"
But with this joke administration where
The Night

And The Wind Will Bear My Cry To All Who Hope To Fly
Hear This Song Of Courage Ride Into The Night

Battles Are Fought By Those With
eyes take your soul
Heed my words, run if you can [Repeat]

Taste of blood upon his teeth the beast is ready for to fly
Soaring to his victory
glory of victory my armies rise
Barbarians tribes with fury of desecration

With axes reach the sky, hiding usurpator in their wings
Call the clouds,
battle, giving victory 
Odin's chosen heroes 
May cross the rainbow bridge 

Hear the thunder 
The sky is cracks 
See the rainbow bridge 
There's no
the land of armageddish fields

I am the bard of eastern lands...

I lead my brothers for death struggle
In glory of victory my armies rise
Barbarian tribes
I packed up the knapsack
I'm not cracked yet

Today is my day
I turned 34
I live by the moon
In the shade for real

Left side
Victory is
and call my name I am your Messiah at 106o followers enter my reality washed impure in the tears of the unloved now repelled by the stench of my true love


come for us
Or we will get our victory

A fire is burning in the sky
Is this the end of you and I ?
Take my hand and let us pray
That we survive one more
my dragonwings into the sky

Carry me across domains, towards the night I fly

I spread my wings across the fields, forever growing cold
packed up the knapsack
I'm not cracked yet

Today is my day
I turned 34
I live by the moon
In the shade for real

Left side
Victory is near
Broken circles
a dream
without a future
without a breath
to take away
and my resolve;
a higher being
with wings of ash
and eyes of fire

Don't blame me, I'm just
candles and my blood red wine 
I cannot walk back to my home in defeat I want victory Yeah 
I am the advent of no one 
This world is run by devils

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