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they put new wine into old wineskins
Or else the wineskins break, the wine is spilled, and the wineskins are ruined
The patch pulls away, the tear is
Money left out in a raid
Hands bound, clock wound back every hour of the day
Known placebo for the pain, nigga

What the fuck a wineskin without
clinging to some good old day
But did you really have faith
Or just fear that something would change?

When Old wineskins are bursting
And the world just
let it sink in
Let the drink in, let's begin drinking
With the new wineskin and the fruit of the vine
I can taste yours, you can drink from mine
Do you
hands full of praise

But one has come
One has one

Rushing like a spirit from a wineskin bag
Settled by your sister like it's never going back
to Blackfoot Reservoir
More grist for the malady mill

Shepherd the Southwest wind,
“Railspikes ripped like the seam of a wineskin”
Shepherd the Northwest
You are Lord

Take this wineskin
My spirit bursts for something new
There's nothing I want more than You
'Cause only You can satisfy

So I'll
of the vine has left your tongue of communion,
for your wineskin has not been preserved
you have been drawn away led astray by frivolous desire,
but this
A hand to hold, an ego to flatter, 
‘Cause you were the wineskin, I was the bladder. 

Time passes, events fall away
 (i don't think they'll
Wineskins of old will drown us all in its flood
Doomed to be inescapable victims
Of unending constant change
When the wineskin breaks
All your dreams spill to waste 
When you feel the knife
Cut a part that brought you life 

Oh to hear you in the whisper
The cannons are ready but the coffee is thin 
And it tastes like the oil put a hole in the wineskin

The cannons get a little louder
And all the while white
I tend to forget when I drink
I'm doing it again I think
A hand to hold an ego to flatter cause you were the
wineskin and I was the bladder
Mike and Jed and Chris and I fall back from the table, and we walk out.  The best feeling after your stomach is stretched like a full wineskin is putting
picture into yours

Let me paint you in the corner,

As your shoulders trap the light

See the sunset feeling golden

On the wineskins of the night

I have
Shed this wineskin, de-contain 
Break this strain 
This chain of unchange 
"I (we) see clearly now the reign is gone" 

Separation, manifest
than I've ever been, life to ancient wineskins. And I was blind but now I see. 

This New Years Eve, something must change me inside, I'm crooked
Shed this wineskin, de-contain 
Break this strain 
This chain of unchange 
"I (we) see clearly now the reign is gone" 

Separation, manifest

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