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name of Richard Dobson who had a novel he'd never finish
That's when Johnny Rodrigues, David Olney and Steve Earle first came through
And every other


The women of today ain't with it
If you ain't gonna be loyal, forget it
I know the deal, so I admit it
Because I knew a brother
[ verse 1: willie d ]
Picture me broke and disgusted, livin like a fuckin bum
Raggedy clothes, not knowin where my next meal comin from
I want
(hip hop)
(Sounds like gold, sounds like street, whoo
Niggas know they gettin' told what they mama did
The rump bumpa bum bum in the jeep
can't hold it down? oh the shit gon' hit the fan now 

spin around let your whole crown man down  man down 

[Street Life] 

I live by the street code
naked body on D's
Do or die is the motto that we strive to live
Do a muthafuckin drive-by on your wife and kids
From every hood to block to park to street
be like "That's some shit"
Playing yo bum ass, they be like "That's some shit"
Y'all are bubbles with the rapping
Lil Dicky get it popping, you
by the pen
Now die by the sword
Tears through your gaurd, got you through the mic cord
It's fine but explored, but just fine wine is poured