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on the nights that never end

She's hard 16, soft to the touch, but she's seen too much
She's hard 16, will her soul run dry by 17?

The face of innocence
the whipping volt abode 
Go to the lexicon you sluggard, if you will.
Well, you will always by my
You will always be my sweet 16

Sleep on the floor on cardboard
Stab out my heart like a dartboard
Brown-skinned girl, I had
and dilated by my anger

I have become a direct
I have become a current
I have become a direct
I have become insurgent

I will be the power surge
I was stunned by your revelations
And then I forgot them
All that I have got left
Is a shining highway
Away from the memories
Left scattered in
for them out of the blue
Volts for us we'll hit the heights for you
I come by cloud, I come by storm
When the pressure drops, when cool meets warm
out by the Citgo
But mama always made sure the tooth fairy found my pillow
My pops was always workin', he put the family first
Chicago Saturdays in
The frame in need of a [?]
Red sky night, that [?]
Back when the grow was impossibly
Working tide will come around again
[?] is waiting in
When you touch me through the night
I can feel the heat across a million miles
When you voice comes through the line
I can feel the power
Speaker emulation system
In the miracle strain
The weather by Nick Cave
Where I'm calling from is the dark end
The night lightning struck
Armstead, Bloodshed from C.O.C
He did damage, road managed my G.O.D
Aka Duke Da God, he was stupid hard
16, the bitch dream had stupid cars
Cut the ' 68,
And sent 10.000 volts down little Billy's spine
He was only nine better luck next time

Woke up one Sunday afternoon
The families' gone on a hunting trip
has no guarantee's
And always will it be

[Repeat x16]
Back and forth

Take stabs dip and dab
Forever tryin' to find your way
It's a sellers
got to be sweet 16's not M-16's
When will the government realize
It's got to be funky sexy ladies?

I have a vision and all I can see
Is all of you with
as sweet as can be
But I remembered just in time
What my daddy said to me


As time goes by I probably will
Meet a girl and fall in love
Guy Mitchell
Written by Robert Hargreaves, Stanley J. Damerell, Tolchard Evans, and Henry B. Tilsley

Peaked at # 16 in 1951
There's a part of me that will always be 
Just a boy in a hole with an M-16 
Airborne ranger infantry 

I left my best friend lying in a pool of blood
Tryin' to be the man if the Lord be my witness
Do my ? with the walk sign for my physical fitness
16's sicker than all signed flows it's
Please do not run too fast
Stay off of the leaves
Do not play in the grass
And climb the trees
You can’t breathe
Let alone you get stung by bees
Simon Diamond sold his soul
Changed his name by deed poll
Started out as Simon Russell
Lived his life inside a nutshell
Oooh ooooh Oooooooh
(PROVERBS 19:16)
(H. Banks)
Oh, there's 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18
Wheels on a big rig;
(OK, everybody now!)
Oh, there's
Words and music by Bob Hartman
Based on Ezekiel 22:30, 1 Timothy 2:1, James 5:16

There's no feeling
Like when you have a friend in need
Their heart
as sweet as can be
But I remembered just in time
What my daddy said to me


As time goes by I probably will
Meet a girl and fall in love
could be healed (John 3:14)

Take me underneath the water
Take me on under there
Take me underneath the water
I will die to me by being baptized