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don't fear death because I refuse to believe in life
Genius of design
Fooled by your own mind
Size is infinite
Reality is never explicit
making rhymes
Is that all that you believe in?
Wearing rags to make you pretty by design
Rusting armor for effect
It's not fun to watch the rust grow
You're happily contemptible
Easy and delectable you are
I can read your mind
You're danger by design
Irresistible coquette
Thinking over what
or confide in
Cause I wield the trident like Poseidon 
My last slip knot hangs for shanghai surprise 
The last of my crew is skeleton by design 
Fight the enemy deep inside
The oppressor buried inside my mind
His strength is growing day by day
While mine seems to be slipping away

In fact, it's very therapeutic
Like B12 hyperder mic needle so shoot it 

[Black Thought:]
Lyrically elicit upstarts the explicit
Most wicked
a B12 hypodermic needle so shoot it

Lyrically elicit upsteps the explicit
Most wicked seven digit mic wizard
My tongue lash out and strike with it
her pity on pause
And withdrawn from the delicate
And uncorrupted by the crude
She resigns even her/ own
Then all at once
Brings in a breath
of humanity
Beat down, beat down, and crushed by the heel of authority
There's no magic in your marketplace
No logic in your design
It's tragic and commonplace
want and say it
It's of my design assembled at the cut
Slim door,
It's all right to shake, to fight, to feel
You go down,
or is we heaven bound?
I bomb the target without a sound
Ain't nobody left around to hear it
Sipping fine wine and spirits on summer days
By the South
Yet more things are clear
By grand design, punishment unfolding

Faith in the prophecy
We'll take this tragedy, unite as one
Fate, show man no
ways to die
But he can't get it right, he's still alive
Killer by design, he took the long road home
But the road was closed, no way home I suppose
or is we heaven bound?
I bomb the target without a sound
Ain't nobody left around to hear it
Sipping fine wine and spirits on summer days
By the South
Roam bare chests, woman with bare breasts, hollow
Follow the Sun God, Apollo, wake up tomorrow with yellow
Eyes seein' visions of explicit visits
stay dominate
And stay wicked, and plus we keep it explicit
Abducted by the streets see it's hard to manage
End up on my block saying we the savage
their woodland awning

She fell foul to witchcraft's designs
A weeping willow

Wicked willed to sleep
There's frost on her pillow
At the cost
Wild hair color and cell phones
Your accessories are dead on

[Chorus:Repeat x2]
Harajuku girls, you got the wicked style
I like the way that
creating the butter 
Cliques get clipped like heavy bricks when I'm dropping
I'm wrecking nigga whole shit plus I make a profit 
Wicked with this shout,
for a ride as if by Design
The party ignites like it's comin' alive
He takes you to the top, shakes you all around
Then back down - you know as he
of the scene 
Know what I mean, see 
He created the vibe 
He takes you for a ride and as if by design 
The party ignites like he's comin alive 
He takes you
a mindfuck
I'm the kind to design the crime
Bury them all in lime
Your shine's behind us
Stop you can do it all day
But you're not gonna pop
Me the crew
got the wicked style 
I like the way that you are 
I am your biggest fan, oh

Harajuku girls 
I'm looking at you girls 
You're so original girls
hate on me Pa, I got pimp designs


Pink cookies in a plastic bag getting crushed by the empire states
Come on baby why wait
Let's make
your inquisitive tendencies; 
The intrinsic and the explicit, 
We won't inhibit any of your inquiry, 
But first the fire must be met then quenched by