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And the night is a horoscopic sight
While the sun sets fire to the dune
I'll make it all up to you
I remember your face and your Picasso
Pale as sugar, sweet
the red sun
Your heart the moon clouded
I could go crazy on a night like tonight
When summer's beginning to give up her fight
And every thought's
off in the sunset he feels the last ray's burn
And shine

The setting sun, though we ain't done
The setting sun, though we ain't done
The only one that
And as he rides off in the sunset he feels the last ray's burn
And shine

The setting sun, though we ain't done
The setting sun, though we ain't done
phaser off stun (Bobby!)
Why y'all might just catch me in the park playing chess, studying math
Signin 7 and a sun (Bobby!)
But you won't catch me without
the dark (sup y'all!)
They want us dead or alive without the 'aliiivee'  Part
The sun rose over a body bag shortage
Last week I was like 'god bless

Me and my man jumpin out Sedans 

Tappin your jaw, like Sugar Ray did Duran 

I, execute like wars in Beirut 

Twenty-two inch rims
The task-master dome to gas mask from a clinic
Walking the earth, avoiding the global epidemic
I limit the sun's UV rays wit a visor
While y'all pass the plague
as long as these officials bite it
And I like it (Don't try it like that)

Ban away temper tantrum, decrepit anthem
Set a low go, I arrived late
It's a trap, it's a trap
Why they ain't tell us red and blue don't matter when you black?
Matter of fact we in blindfolds, bunch of lost souls
a cannon, two guns blazin, purple hazin
My shine can be appraised, my tongue radiate 
orchard violent rays, why you stower in the off broke and paid 
and herringbones
Bezel sets and baguettes, while talking on my cell phone
From Bo-Bo's to Air Macs, low cars to horse backs
Hoopties to Cadillacs, water guns
a beep downstairs from Y.Z.O
Knowledge in his head, beats pump the red Geo
Tracker, and in it, we get much blacker
Ride around town running down
Everyone, going everywhere...

9. Above As Below

Low and high
Slow motion
We reason at the sound of a big band traveling
In time
Overwhelmed by
men) (Repeat 3x) 
Day one... 

I wake up to the sun in the morning after justice hour 
Refinement is in order so I bust this shower 
Get dressed but
the 5, by King Sun with the Sword

(Yeah, yeah, we got it goin on)		(3x)
(We got it goin on)

[ VERSE 2 ]
It's the King of a kingdom, descendant of King
Mack elevens and M-16's
High caliber, so why try it?
You live by it, so you die by it
A muthafuckin' gun...

Who's the man with the strap in his
could'nt ignore
Personas of the rhythm who just walked through the store
This man's slim, sported a red glim, notcing damage within
We remove bullets