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I shouldn't even be looking but she just had to be mine
Ten bedrooms, ten baths, 7,000 square feet
I was weak in the knees, she was the house
got a lock ya, flavor to bring
Got the championships so I'ma savor the ring
Church boy, raised by my grand momma
Home-bred, I dead all the drama
Yeah, you know we're two banditos
Do a little dance and I drink a little water

Man, how'd I get the money? (don't worry 'bout it)
Why they kissing
me, I shouldn't take it hard
I know I should ignore their capering with a kingly disregard, but

Look at all those idiots
Ooh, look at all those boobs
that's the way it seems 
Shouldn't be the reason why you're acting strange 
If nobody's holding you back from me 
Cause I know how you usually do 
digger gorgeous tryna get me
I run game on a bitch, one Mississippi two Mississippi
Flint nigga in the spot til they pop one and the cops come like (woo!)
take my own blood samples
look for imbalanced chemicals

cat scan for holes in my brain
and pulse rate my heart

[Verse 2]
but there is one last
forwarding that crap to me

And your two million loser friends
All have my address now because you never figured out the way to BCC
Now I gotta insist take
You put on your armour
You put up defenses
What are you on to?
Cause I'm here to protect you
So take it easy
I make it so easy
You can lay your head
you (x4) 

Verse 2: 

Have mercy! 
Nowadays I got them other niggas acting thirsty 
Bless the sky, energy created by my third child 
Swerve wit it, get
smooth like {marijuana}
And I'm off the quote, so take you a toke, don't choke

It ain't hard to see me up on the marquee
The next award winning
'all prefer
You gon' hear this funk shit 'til your vision a-blur

[Chorus] - 2X

[Chris Lowe]
y'all millionaires pay attention, player hatin and dissin
type n**** all of a sudden get wild

Now, why you got's to go and take me back to where I came from?
I'ma make you remember, where you know my name
a fuck how y'all feel but that's real to me!

[Chorus: x 2]
Let's do whatever it takes to find our way
to find a way, to find a way

I would
Every now and then I got out with a friend or two
And have a few rounds
I make it home by ten, but I remember when
I used to close that place down
to call me narrow-minded
‘Cause I'm not loose and indiscreet
But people lying down always get blinded
By people standing on their own two feet

Life is
and Silent Gay
Claimin' Detroit, when y'all live twenty miles away (fuckin' punks)
And I don't wrestle, I'll knock you fuckin' fagots the fuck out
Ask 'em
and a half shot keepin' you high
But I don't sell 'cause what you're sellin' is never sold
Or dealed by the real mack brothers of old
Nah, I just devise
[Ludacris (Chris Brown)]
Chris breezy (it's me)

I know what them girls
I know I know what them girls
I know I know
[Ludacris (Chris Brown)]
Chris breezy (it's me)

I know what them girls
I know I know what them girls
I know I know
ratting at an all time high?
Why are you even alive?
Why they kill 2pac n' Chris?
Why, at the bar, you ain't take straight shots instead of poppin Cris?
should've been so much more to us than just exonerated why shouldn't it break your heart in two? i find little entertains me anymore the problems of the world
two Mississippi (Yeah!)
Flint nigga in the spot
'til they pop one and the cops come like (Woo!)
Mothafuckas own a shotgun
Like a pop gun and they
that niggas January (chea)
Chad West

[Verse One: Young Chris]
Yo; Ayo Momma workin hard Big brother on the run lil sista cuttin up man shit just
Rich by popular demand
The wait is over homie
Yes it is
A town connect
Know the city gon' feel this
Damn right
Say Toob I know you see me
Say Chris

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