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you with my wang
Ya know what I'm saying?
I stuck her with my wang
She hit me in the balls
I grabbed her by her neck
And I bounced her off the walls
(wang chung)

The world in which we live is peopled by people who
Fuck, shit, screw everybody, don't care, swear
Do things without a care, are seen
you know Jay Slim, I heard he was hung"
It was then that I knew
We were in for wang chung
She grabbed my car keys
We dipped
In between sips
Nowhere to duck, pull his file, niggas die
By getting blasted, how drastic
They got the nerve to ask me why I do the things I do
I got the nerve
Wang chung, hong kong phooey
Boricua samurai, sooky sooky
So get your egg crashed, by my Hellz Wind Staff
While the feature broadcast is splashed to tell the news
Like Katie Chung, how the bullet collapsed
to the point you have to ask for your ass back
A fucking joker smoker, taunted by no one
If I was born in Chung Li's temple I would've turned out a shogun
(ah, ah)

She's so sexy
I swear this no lie
She got swag, got cash, she's so fly
She came in with no man, I don't know why
Cause by the end of the night
Aw shit
Three icy ass niggas from Odd Future doin' some crazy shit
By the way, we do punch bitches

I'm swagging bitch, I'm iced out
Oh you mad bitch
the morn' getting stoned
Pretty with her eyes low, runny by Bible
The type of bitch that BIG said he would die for
Is the type that I would rather stay alive
this a tandem
You could come by yourself and you could stand him
Best believe I sweat out weaves, give Afro puffs like R.A.G.E.
You get if you could
Ahhh, make way for the lunatic
I want to stop, I drive by the camp quick
I want necks 2 or 3 maybe more
To squeeze again, and again, and squeeze some
the gangstas know 
Its been a long hard road and I had a way to go 
When I was young I was labeled as a basket case 
And every one walked by me got the gas face
I should have knew she was a freak by the way she walked
And when I talked to her, it was like she never got caught
To this day, she
that up
Drive by with puppy signs plastered on the truck
Then see how many of they fans could fit inside the trunk
Move over the microwave
a tandem
You could come by yourself and you could stand him
Best believe I sweat out weaves, give Afro puffs like R.A.G.E.
You get if you could move it
brand new on your finger
Brand new ways in why I say this
So much joy you're here to bring

Baby baby baby I'll do right by you
Baby I'll do right by you
in awe
Is it my swagger? Or is it my juice? Why?
They want a piece of this wang-nut pie
I could be itching my athlete's feet
And hoes be like "Aw,
like I'm UGK
Asshole by nature like my name was Trae
And I don't gang-bang, I patrol the game
And what I'm representing here is putting holes in
Uh, uh, uh, yeah, uh, your boy is back
(Sexy sexy) I know y'all miss the bounce
Need to bounce for the sexy you know

Yeah ma, your dude is back,
drew the master plan and Domo hit the kill switch

I'm young fellow guy peddle by reppin' MellowHigh
Girlfriend never settles why? To busy in

You was a, new comer, turned out by (??) Wang
GiGi Hana, mesmerized by my slang
I pop my collar one time (one time)
Got control of yo' mind
Jordan shoe
Milk and diapers and baby wipes cost an arm and a leg
A breast of wing and a thigh
Hustle trying to get by

Hey don't underestimate me,
I got a Thousand son's
Mama you the shit i'll pay your car note
Why you fucking with him? Even his car broke
We rocking Balmain's down
for them all
And by the model of my vehicle you know that I ball
A 92 but 91 the year that Tyler was spawned
And if I crash in the woods then I'mma

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