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The heart of the man is open wide
And he closes his eyes and looks inside
To a love of the world through the song he sings
Giving it everything

By the light
his bed to remind him to pray

Melvin is locking doors
He makes everything a chore
And he don't really care no more
Melvin is locking doors
David: I...
Melvin: Can turn a grey sky blue, uh...
Melvin: I can make it rain,
Whenever I want it to, huh!
Paul: I can build a castle
Yeah, I said it! (yeah)
Bum bitch! And I never will regret it
(70,000 in the first week? That shit is ridiculous)

[Chorus: Queen Pen]
Don't bring
Written by keith andes, melvin edmonds and kevon edmonds
Lead vocals: melvin edmonds, kevon edmonds

Hey lady, yes I've been watching you with your
Chipmunks roasting on an open fire 
Hot sauce dripping from their toes 
(â??Oh! That tickles!â??) 
Yuletide squirrels fresh filleted by the choir

Mother fucker...
What you laughin' Tony, huh?

Tony the Tiger-
'Cause it's funny!

Patrick O'Riley-

This is gettin rediculous.
Santa, Tony could
A million baby kisses
From a kissing booth on wheels
This sign is pretty poison
On the envelope she seals
And your love is by the way
Who knows
That other girl in town whose name's the same as mine
Yes Mister postman it was opened by mistake
I read enough to know that someone's heart is gonna
the door: a guided tour; what we came here for
One: don't let the sun go down on
Two: love, but are undone by
Three: whose name is...
I won't even start
of mail
Who road by the cross to die?
Did they all go down into worthiness?
Is it wrong for a king to cry?
And who are these ones who would have us now
infidel has come With satellite bravado and infra-red texture
Beyond these days in time to come Whose fate is it to measure
Upon these sands such damage
I play the song, it was our own
Your photograph's by my side
I know I can't forget you
So I don't even try

The note you left is in my hand
Whose to say that's who is right and who is wrong
(its not okay)
And I'll never walk alone

I been mislead
By what they said.
But only time will
Whose world is this?
(The world is yours, the world is yours)
It's mine, it's mine, it's mine
Whose world is this?
It's yours
It's mine, it's
She sheds tears for that dope boy
Shit, it is what it is for that dope boy
Handle minor biz for that dope boy
But thetell you by the greyhound
Whose world is this?
(The world is yours, the world is yours)
It's mine, it's mine, it's mine
Whose world is this?
It's yours
It's mine, it's
[Big Daddy Kane] 

The question at hand, is how do I love thee? 

I count the ways but girls don't shove me 

One by one you can come and caress me
she goes

Oh she wonders
how much there is to know
and how long its will take her
to reap what can be sown

Seven sisters sobbing by the shore
Living the dream
So yeah
Everything I've always wanted

Is it always what it seems?
I'm a lucky girl
Whose dreams came true
But underneath it all
I'm just
tongue gamblers
Listen to my tale
It won't take long, to sing you my song
Full of trouble and despair
So fair thee well, you troubadours
Whose pockets
he's got one big belly
From livin the good life provided by punk
Singin singin singin
Buy me a Becks beer or pass me a bong
Gimme some Bushmills I'll
My name is John Riley
I'll have your ear only a while
I left my dear home in Ireland
It was death, starvation or exile
And when I got to America
Oh sing for me and think of me she mournfully did say
Sure I´m an Ulster Orangeman from Erin´s Isle I came
Pure old Dicey Riley I´m still haunted
even care anymore?
It makes you wonder who's doin' right by someone tonight
And whose car is parked next door?

A heart is on the line each and every