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they paying the cost
Wholesaling loads getting them off
Back then I was selling the grams
I'm gon keep working and cash out on a lamb
Tax everybody you
the living room looking at the news
Got a razor and some zipper baggies
About to do the fool
Cutting hundred dollar slabs
Wholesaling niggaz halves
Wholesaling useless trash
Charging twice what it's worth

Freedom of thought a mirage
The coma is endless and deep
Feeling so worldly and wise
Fooled by
Coz i member days i saw things i could not of afford

I levelled up yooo

Started wholesaling like im Costco

Starting rolling with da after ochio

Givenchy Hudson an Prada
Mo rank Shaba 
Wholesaling work like Ali baba 
They selling the percs four extra dollars  
Bill how she work for a extra dolla
everybody was scrutinizing my moves yet they camera wasn’t focusing, look
Now I’m investing, gotta couple of investments
Stocks, wholesaling, options and peer
the grow house with a fifty worth of ice
Wholesaling everything nigga tell me what you like
Runtz give me Asian eyes nigga hurry up and buy
Serving Cherry
wholesaling financing big planning
Trip taking risk taking calling plays rich Gannon
This my ring I Vince McMahon it
You to sloppy sticky bandit
You can’t fuck
or wholesaling
I'm right at your door
Like I'm post mailing
Yabadaba do
How many bottles to gbaladun
So many things I would rather do
But I gotta do what I
But I ain't selling coke cuz that done got broskie in trouble 
I rather sell a block wholesaling new hustle 

I'm so baltimore
warrant they trying check in the safe (Oh lord)
My plug he blessing the weight (he blessing me)
I'm wholesaling and stretching a plate (I'm breaking it
niggas raida Sean beat
What's the op?
Stay popped or keep my phone popping
Money calling hoes calling too no chance of me stopping
I ain't wholesaling

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