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run these streets ('naut)
Yeah I gotta get this bread, yeah, that whole wheat (lil' baby)

I'm on low-key, I live my best life (that life)
Feel like
down to turd almighty

Oh holy crap, once from the pooper now shall be heard
This pungent mess, the whole wheat shaman of death

Show me the light,
cook with the momma tattoo he's a turnin' them hamburgers slow
Eggs over easy whole wheat down, y'all want that coffee to go
He never once dreamed
of cellulite
Ham on, ham on, ham on whole wheat, all right

My zippers bust, my buckles break
I'm too much man for you to take
The pavement cracks when I
there's a better place
I eat what I want (you can eat what you want)
Whole-wheat toast (anything is cool in moderation)
And I'm happy, and that's for
there's a better place
I eat what I want (you can eat what you want)
Whole-wheat toast (anything is cool in moderation)
And I'm happy, and that's for
rolls just for him
Okay, my pusher stay lowkey, my kush is a OG
I don't smoke regular like I don't eat whole wheat
I don't smoke men either
I got two
was cocaine 

Cucumber pud annexed to a fine whole-wheat loaf 
You were dazzled by the exciting new costume of Ko-Ko 
Then on Tuesday night,
And you can find me ridin' round on some 33's
Cocked back kickin' dirt on my John D's
International harvestin' us some whole wheat
Yeah let's take a ride
some are Fahrenheit, heat blazing
Cops on the beat, stop the money flow of the street
My dough is whole wheat, the fam gotta eat

This is hip hop,
And here is what he said:
He said, “You want white bread,
Rye bread, pumpernickel, whole wheat
Cracked wheat, challa or bialy?”
I said, “Later”.
I returned while they were eating supper at the table seated side by side
upon a special stool. So I said when they were finished with their whole
It's all love

I don't eat no meat, no dairy, no sweets
only ripe vegetables, fresh fruit and whole wheat
I'm from the old school, my household smell
Wheat, I'm feelin' weak, I can't hold
I gotta rob somebody tonight and take the whole
Bank roll, some cash I gotta hold
At the bottom of my shoe
the classic material
When I grab the microphone you know I'm reigning imperial
Wake up in the morning, eat my whole wheat cereal
Historical styles combines
over if it is a Jim Reed tune
On the big screen, pig skins, go team go
In the corner there's a cop with his whole wheat toast
Foreman of the flock In
like whole wheat
Pumpernickel, pump your dimes, pump your nickles
Let me flex the vocab a little bit
Make these crackers think I'm smart and tell me
to go)
I eat what I want (You can eat what you want)
Whole wheat toast (Anything is cool in moderation)
And I'm happy, and that's for sure

on a lyrical mission.

Chorus 2X

Verse 3:

I think it's because I break the laws of language
Like a sandwich
I eat the whole beat
On whole wheat
Cause it's good
and speak
Look at me, I'm a G
Oz, my plug got them oz's
I control a whole team, I ain't slept a whole week
My raps good like whole wheat, no you cannot
this motherfucker
Beating niggas down like I'm Rocky in this motherfucker
Ain't a nigga now that can stop me in this motherfucker

Whole wheat bread
ain't never scared (What?)
Bitch I ain't never scared!

Listen up its Whole Wheat Bread 2006
Joseph Largen, Aaron Abraham, Nick Largen
Nikes on Ice, yeah, you get checked for slippin'
I'm number one when that number two pencil lead twistin', no lie
No whole wheat and no rye, I'm bred
Got them racks in and copped a Trackhawk with the sunny feet
I get the bread in by the loafs, nigga, whole wheat
And my ex-partner a rat and he showed

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