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The fuck y'all thinkin?
This is Lonely Island!
Oh cause we got a little paper now?
And you see us on the TV
You think we don’t do fart jokes no more?
We were
People rejoiced instead of financing
Your preconceived notions were shattered
By these super old white people dancing

[The Lonely Island]
The Big Apple,
Heartbreak suzie don't you waste my time 
(she have me in a fantasy island)

Come booty by booty by booty by booty by booty by booty by hay!
those games that you were tryin' to play) 
(Said it feels just like) Feels like payback 
Who's playin' who, girl? 
'cause that was kinda wack 
that I can change your mind
There was ten wack dudes trying to play high post
One crew got bold and they began to boast
But said, y'all shut up and get
the sticks and ride around
There's a man up on a mountaintop who wants to go down and breathe the salt air by the shore
There's a guy on an island he ain't
in the house? (south central)
Long island in the house? (check it out)
Is the bronx in the house? (waddup)
Staten island in the house? (woop woop)
can do anything we want, we'll tell you again
We can can go anywhere tonight, 'cause we're with Anne Anne Anne
Who? Anne Dagnabit
Island princess
came to drop it
Catch it and quiz it - is my topic
Universual 'cuz I move everybody to come
By exercising your mind you'll coincide as one
You look
Rising to the top, and I came to drop it 
Catch it and quiz it, is my topic 

Universual 'cause I move everybody to come 
By exercising your mind
You know man, when I was a young man in high-school
He believed in it now, I wanna play football for the coach
And all those older guys who said he
Manhattan in the house?!? (South Central)
Long Island in the house?!? (Check it out)
Is the Bronx in the house?!? (Waddup)
Staten Island in
A power, because my temper's at the border
Like I said before, I keep a party filled, like a bucket of water
O-V-E-R-W-E-I-G-H-T Lover in
need to be your one and only, I'm happier when I'm lonely
Don't want love to last forever
Said no one ever
Said no one ever
Said no one ever
Said no one
mountain and island
Were moved out of their places
And the kings of the earth and the great men,
And the strong men and every free man
Hid themselves in
smile, none of us can fly
Selena, this can't be true
It's gonna be a lonely world without you

There is no one here on this good earth
Who cannot hear
Well, I'm not talkin' bout locking down forever, baby.
That would be too demanding.
I'm just talkin' bout two lonely people
who might
to be by me
I represent V-A well, peace to the Cella Dwell
Washing-tons of rappers up, like my first name was Denzel
Who wanna come test and attempt
the Extra Abstract
Grinding on nouns, hittin verbs from the back
It's like that, that's the only way it'll be
So if it gets said nigga, it got to be by me
read the headlines everywhere
About the daring messengers
Who found an island in the Sea
Untouched by misery

I'm wearing your bandanna
Greets me with a smile, told him "Here keep that"
Next week got a call from his wife
Said somebody done took son life
She said

[Chorus: x2]
'Cause like P.E. said, we're too black and too strong
But hey, what can I say
(Brothers and sisters) that's a price a rapper must pay

Got to give
a fish
Caught by a fisherman
Sold to the family of the boy who had the toys

And the cook said, look at the one-legged soldier
It looks just like
This song goes out to those with coke bottle glasses 
To all you lonely kids who were the last pick in gym classes 
We got your back - detract your
Instead I'm the lonely one
You, me, and a lie
Silence is closer
We're passing ships in the night

There's nowhere to run away
Said, 'Boy if you want