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Came upon an ancient forest
A guided path had led me there
Walking through the mystic forest
The legend tales and times gone by

Voices whisper
following leaders they adore

And in their sleep their last dreams fade away
The whisper of the ages coming by to stay
To dream those dreams away
Gone by
The dissonant bells of the sea 
Who are ringing the rhymes of the deep
As they sing of the ages  asleep  
Not so near or so far

And the old
the shores
Eieth no longer sleeping gal

Thus alive and the stillness
Only to be broken by whispers
Towards the moon

Bloodred from the Unborn Ones
still and so grave Cassandra
The Bronze Age kingdoms tumble
The cities fade one by one
The walls of Mycenae crumble
The Dark Age has begun
Drink to our demolished home
Wher loss resides alone
Like a widow by the radio
Child, childhood is a place
Where sorrow comes of age
A widow by
delivers each blow in whisper form
Confidence through faith and the trail left by history
Those age old successors that have come and gone before me
the ages
Desperate for stories of assurance, redemption and hope

Such tales fill page upon page with enough ink
To flood a thousand valleys, and drown
Through the years you wasted
I waited patiently
While the joys you tasted
Not a word from me
Now that age is creeping
Cross your pale gray brow
their cries?
Once forged in blood by tragedy
Sharp were the thorns of crimson death

Through the air again our voices whisper and awake are now your
Beneath the sediment of aeons In ancient repose 
My trust lay eroded by age The old glory faded 
And past times forgotten My reign given way to my
Within the serpent's coil

Within the serpent's coil

Blindfolded by your own fucking will
Dive into the shit
And swim for a while
Peel the crust from all
a maze,
With every rotation,
With every turn of the page
Every hour, every second of this dismal abbacus age
The chattering machines, whisper in your ears.
Whispers of ancients buried by dust,
Echoes of ages in canyons of rust,
Is heaven so lonely? I'll know soon enough

Cold as the clay, dark as a mine,
Can you hear these voices?
Dark brown dresses around me
Can you hear these whispers?
Fear inside me
Can you feel this bitterness?

Rapid mountain
The painted sky, the sparkling sea
They whisper who You are
The distant glow of galaxies
Radiate Your heart
There's a song among the stars

See Jane, something's gone dead
Inside my head
There's nothing but fear
Jane the rivers of grief
The tears of relief
Seem ages from here
Dipped in pains of disdain
Humbling themselves until dawns
Magick triumphers whisper with drone
Of their victory, napping through the ages
A cipher
Scratch at your memory
whisper in the dark
They are everywhere
And they are nowhere

I tore out all the pages one by one
Put them in the fire
the fearsome Jehovah?
Who whispers the great name of God
Bought low before his flock
By the pounding of bone on flesh"

Witness thornful coronation
by the corner,
Not right away, not right away
Close to the edge, down by a river,
Not right away, not right away

Crossed the line around
In the nocturnal fog, shadows dancing
and whisper the Satanic Glory,
before the flags of hate and lies
embrace themselves, there on the hills.
Somebody came on too heavy
Now look at me made ugly
By the drooling letters
I was better off alone
Ain't that the way it is
They don't know the first
and whispers in my ears
I have been through harder times
But I've long ago past by my fears

I'm passing by the paralyze
The blood that flows in my veins