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and we 'bout to go and buy the bar up
 So So, for sure we ain't playin
 Hang with no lames, hit the park and sayin...
 [Hook - Jagged Edge]
 Ay, where
me and I'll come runnin' to where the party at
I keep a fat sack in the backpack
Know what's happenin'
In every city I'm rappin' in
If it's a after
where I've been, but I'm lovin where I am
Prime rib, fuck Spam
So tell me what's real partner

[Break - Sir Mix-A-Lot]
(I fought back, then heat check)
find the girl who wanna hold hands
Walk down the aisle, raise my child
Smart enough to get a gold band
Slow dance to some Jagged Edge
Then we pulled
Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages
Step right up and get your tickets to the greatest show on earth
Where you'll witness death defying
don't know where the edge is 
I'm so hungry, I eat my neighbor's hedges 
Now I realize I gotta go for mine 
It's windshield time 
I take quarters,