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and me) 
Yeah, we're best friends 
(Oh, oh, oh) oh, the Devil and me we don't get lonely 
But I know the Devil and me's gonna do me in 
(Gonna do me in)
You couldn't stop me if you tried
Motherfucker cause the devil is a lie

Big guns and big whips
Rich nigga talkin' big shit
Double cup, gold
look like a spoiled little bitch
She gets to be famous, I get to be rich

Or bring me a girl
They're always the best
You put 'em on stage and you have
the devil beneath my feet
Beneath my feet

Don't bring your black heart to bed
When I wake up you best be God
Or you'd better be dead

Don't bring your black
Yeah, I'll make her look
Like a spoiled little bitch
She gets to be famous
I get to be rich

Or bring me a girl
There always the best
Yeah I?ll make her look like a spoiled little bitch
She gets to be famous, I get to be rich

Or bring me a girl, they're always the best
You put ?em
when he made this land

The Lord said yes, there's a plenty on hand
But I left it down by the Rio Grande
The fact is ol' boy, the stuff is so poor
acquitted because they love the cowboys
Cowgirls ask me Wyclef Jean why you be seen with those Big and Rich Boys?

[Big & Rich]
Be friends
And try to get
Heat in yo' meat, make your blood skeet
A nigga just tryin' to get on his feet
So hurry up, rich bitch, before I twitch

She said, "Don't rape me
the secret files
Your tune ain't gonna be so nice
When he gets through with you

There's just one thing left to do
'Cause he'll take it away
One money
Proceed to play ball, when he cried I can't console him
I truly wasn't ready for kids, that's what he told me

I had a rich dad, poor dad
I had
rich and pretty
I'll get myself the key to the big city
Find a way to make some money
Move into the land of milk and honey
Everything's sweet
the best)
We the best

[Verse 1: Trey Songz]
Blast through
When I come through, all the pretty women wanna know what it do
Make Moves, I break rules
hand, but for what?
Like Jim Kelly said, "You try to set me up?" Shit...
I'm too slick for your lies in disguise
When will you devils open your eyes
see me flying by) Ya see the jewelry truck, don't touch
Yeah, yeah, come on, when I'm in the streets
Might show you the heat (look, flying straight
on (look) yeah, come on
(Up in the sky) When I'm at the bar, or in a rented car (look)
(You'll see me flying by) Ya see the jewerly truck, don't touch
wanna be your friend
Baby, you gotta trust me...

Aiyo I live by the rules, trust nothing in skirts
Cause with that big butt and a smile,
the sixties
No way, no way

I, can't see the OG's standin' in big lines
Holdin' big signs, tryin' to get mine
I'll shoot ya ass 17 times
'Cause this week
I remember when baseball was everything
It was little league, but what a big game
There were two men on and one man out
I got a fastball hanging
lawyer be askin is it dope
Never break the code shock me with a million volts
I'm forever dope, touched by the holy ghost

You see, they hate what they
homie we don't try
Homie we gettin' rich, homie we gettin' by
Feel me

Usual suspect, when the work hit the dock
The gun jerk first, and then it pop
His car, his wife, or his razzamatazz 
But that's weak, you gotta do work on your own 
Cause when you're rich you got friends 
But when you're poor
and she rich like Gucci rich
Bucket list, no more waitin' to get that off my bucket list

Big boss business, quarter million on a pendant (brr)
Everybody wants the hero
Who just wants the man?
Who fights with his devils 
And does the best he can
Everybody wants a playa
I just want to be
and break the law
Too big to fail, too rich for jail

He can live without so why don't we
After all they're just like you and me
They cast their votes and no

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