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Because I let that well run dry
Because I left you unanswered

Then like a fool I kept my secret
When it made no sense to try
Now I can no
featuring Keith Murray  Redman 

Whoop Whoop(8x) 


Funky dilemmas  destroy mc's by process of elimanation 

Ghetto linger

So if you're walking down my street just keep on walking by
I'm hangin' out a sign sayin' this well has run dry

this world even winter ain't what it seems.

Here come the blue skies Here comes springtime.
When the rivers run high & the tears run dry.
are denied Makes my love run deeper 
When I see how hard you try And just like you, the snow falls Silent in the night 

is dedicated to you
´Til the rivers run dry and the sun no longer shines
I´ll be waiting on you, waiting on you
My heart is dedicated to you
In this world even winter ain't what it seems

Here come the blue skies, here comes springtime
When the rivers run high and the tears run dry
history young again

                      I can watch the weeks sweeping by
                   I can recollect the hearts hanging out to dry
No one goes it alone

Every heart needs a home

When my spirit of hope runs dry

You are, you are a deeper well

I could taste I could touch

I could
time I'm watching you
Till the blood in my veins run dry 
I'll be there to testify
There's a place in my heart for you

I've been lost in the maze
of hauling your love around
Wanna run my train alone
But the engine tracks straight through your heart
And weighs me like a stone

Oh, it's a hard load to love
on the block or locked by the cops 

Or shot like Biggie Smalls and Tupac (rest in peace my niggas) 

Run it I never fronted 

I got my whole crews life
fade when the river runs dry
The mountains will fall as the time goes by
But the bird in golden cage still wants to fly

So many ships are drifting
That you always disagree
Really brings me misery
But I guess you know by now

I know that feeling coming
I know when the river runs dry
I know that
was mostly, humbled by rejection
But in my heart, I knew my shit would always pass inspection
Correction, travel east and hit the inner section
hours, first to come and last to go
I walk by Christmas windows full of things I'll never own
Things I cannot give you, my fortune's set in stone

applause when I rock the micraphone from the heart
My style's foul, so look into the eyes of Lorimars
As you can see, I drop funk bars from here to Mars
the answers, 
The halfway-truths, the little lies
So sure, so certain in my prime
I didn't see the time go by

I hit the heights, I bit the dirt
I left
shine on me 
Set me free forgive me 
Steady as we go 
So if you heart runs dry my love 
I will fill your cup 
And if your load gets heavy girl 
everything I need when I got you by my side
And let the rest burn
And let the rest burn
And let the rest burn

I've given too much of my heart away
like a well, your love has run dry
Loneliness was falling from the sky

I'm like a man with no heart, I just don't belong
I can't help it when your
a fight
Because you make me nervous tonight

Heart pounds 
Hands wet 
Mouth dry
I shake
I scream 
I cry
No eat 
No sleep 
All night
I build my
eyes were dry
To feel no sorrow was my surprise
But the words came easy
For those last good-byes

Till I took a walk by the riverbend
Where once we
When my neurons conspire to direct my thoughts
Away from divorce and competitive sports
Back to the place where all rivers run to the sea
Then I

As long as the stars light up the sky
Until the rivers have all run dry
There'll always be love in this heart of mine
Forever true