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Jadakiss · Hearts Grow

Jasmine Sullivan:
I know you'll run,
Ready to kill,
With a smoking gun,

Verse 2
Yo now she really stressed bad,
Baby by her step dad,
Her and lil
Right by my side

B. Hudson, Jadakiss, Ne-Yo
I think it's me and you tonight ma
You see every good woman needs a thug, you
lay down and let me love ya all night long

It was beautiful when we first started
I don't want to leave you
I just want

I got a gun with two hundred shots
I'm the reason you moved your family to a hole new other block
I got shit that could wake up
Jadakiss: What up what up what up, yea!
Styles: Eve let's do it again! Hahaha...

[Verse 1: Styles]
Yea it's the ghost Jada and Eve
Like 'face said, last of a dying breed
For stomach and I feed still trying to eat
Lead by greed that's when you fuck up
Why y'all niggas gonna
Yo, yo
I got guns, guns
Mad fuckin' guns, ha
I had them hundreds when you had them little ones, ha

But fuck that, live Niggas, Iraq
And you can
a smoking gun,

It ain't your fault boo,
I'm always here for you to talk to,
Hold your head high when you walk through,
Sometimes the devil's
Uh, I learnt the game, I know what I want and I'm in it,
The time is now, it's gonna be up in a minute,
You look a nigga in the eye,
Yo, yo, yo, yo
Hey yo I got land cars and jewelry, and artillery
And I got every hood feeling me
It's nothing like when a thug get
Work wit me
I want to thank y'all for coming out
This is sum reel' shit

First things first
When a nigga money
Yo its jay-da-kiss
An another one 
Uh huh 
Just bring it to em'
Eh yo what up ma?
(Latin woman)
Hey ya poppy, give it to me baby
Right by my side

B. Hudson, Jadakiss, Ne-Yo
I think it's me and you tonight ma
You see every good woman needs a thug, you
throw up
So scared they don't even
Come around in places that I show up
Go ahead nigga put your dough up
Me against who nigga grow up
Bitches choke
grind hard to buy the mall up
We grind hard to play harder (harder)

24/7 365
If we ain't breaking them down
Then we letting them fly
pumped on my block, you won't get no sales 
When ya CEO know you can't fuck wit I 
I make a million by June 
I'm saying fuck July 
And I beg you to try
What up little man? What's the matter?

[lil' man] 
I wish I didn't have to be here

It's not that bad..
Could always
What up what up what up, yea!

Eve let's do it again!

Yea it's the ghost Jada and Eve
I squeeze my shit, I
Aiyyo Swizz check it out
I'm shoot over to Cali, you know what I'm saying? Check this movie out
Then I'ma check honey out
Then I
Come through the block tryin to screw up your plans
'cause I still rob n****s for coke
Understand I'm the first one they call when they gettin
switch around when them heats get fired
And ya peeps just died but I least he tried Let's go


Watch the game get taken
they want to clap at me for
Understand that the flow is like the coke that he naturally grows
So I'ma get my cash on, and my mash on
And get my ass up
of my people
I was raised by the apes in this dark creep show, but yo


yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
Think bout when I splatter ya
Everywhere we go-oh (yeah D-Block you bitch ass niggaz!!)

[Verse - Jadakiss]
Yo it'll revolve, when I'm mad he's cool
Knife game like Daddy
Uh come on, uh two step uh
Yea uh come on, uh two step uh
Yea, lets work, haha AHA!

Verse 1: Jadakiss
Yea, we can do it up
Just the two of us

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