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What you want is in the blood Senators
I got Big Bird on the fishing line
With a bit of a shout a bit of a shout
A bit of an angry snout
He's my
What's he doing in my world?
What's he doing holding my world?
If he's not more than just friend
Why were you kissing him?

And what's he doing in my
George A. was at the movies in December '41
They announced it in the lobby what had just gone on
He drove up from Birmingham back to the family's
Why, the world don't know what me and Wayne might do
Our pa's each own one of the World Trade Centers
For a kiss and a smile, I'll give mine all
(Wood Newton/Micki Furhman)

I was a rebel in my younger years
I'd...drink with the devil if he bought me a beer
Wore out two pickups just
Well, he was an extra in Wayne's World 2
My neighbour's baby sitter
Dated three of the guys in Motley Crue
I swear Jack Nicholson
Looked right at me
(Olivia Newton-John)

I am your mother--born of the sun
I gave you shelter--what have you done?
Your heart's in turmoil--my world's in pain
I need
up at the stars
I listened to your heartbeat as I held you in my arms.

We hung out at the rainbow where we drank til' half past two.
Nothing could
Why the world don't know what me and Wayne might do
Our pa's each own one of the World Trade Centers
For a kiss and a smile I'll give mine all
bout the devil wish he'd never dealt 

You're afraid of what it takes to give it all away 
Doing enough just to get by 
Just to get by 
Sammy, Mario, tody Taz, that's my posse
And what
You might see me dippin low in a Benz truck
Tell yo girl hello
I done did her, what you muggin me for
too many lies 
And now I see the world through these sad, old, jaded eyes 

So what if I threw a party and all my friends were there?
(jack hues)

A man lives in the city
Surrounded by machines
They take away his pity
And give him what he dreams
A stream of information
On a green
Travis McGee's still in Cedar Key
That's what John McDonald said
My rendezvous so long overdue
With all of the things I've sung and read
orange pumpkin Hummer
Stumblin? from the Courvoisier, and lots of hay
And make me run in your place and take your pops away
See, they got niggas in my hood
a third floor in hospitals
My charm star burst, my watch skittles
I'm hot sizzle, what up hot bizzle
Holla at a playa, I'm sorta like BD
Y'all can't stop my
I'm a melancholy man, that's what I am, 
All the world surrounds me, and my feet are on the ground. 
I'm a very lonely man, doing what I can, 
people say

I put down my blanket on cigarette-butt beach
I saw the old man, he was doing okay
He's making his last stand
On old bottles and cans
[Lil Wayne]
Okay, let's cut the crap
I'm straight gangsta - forget the rap
I only stick with that 'cause my ma don't wan' see me
Le me freshen up,
I just want to love every girl in the world,
Take her to the moon, then take her to the room,
Posted up chilling, looking
what's a World without enigma?
Two bitches at the same time, synchronized swimmers
Got the girl twisted 'cause she open when you twist her
Never met
home and I told him to shave 
But he was tellin me 'bout these pussy niggas back in the

[Chorus: x2]

[Lil Wayne]
Birdman put
"Harry called while you were out," she said.
He asked, "Was he drunk?"
She said, "No, but he'd been drinking.
I could tell."
"What'd he want this
the world again, 
He got jumped by some kids, 
He went down, now he's dying." 

So I threw on my coat 
An ran out the door, 
Sped through the night
You know what west coasts niggas is gon' tell me?
This is too west coast.

Doing my own thing
And if you got a problem with that
Then the Nina go

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