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my arteries shaking

[Chorus: x4]
Rock! It's what we're all about
It's what we live for
see'mon shout it out

Well I bring down the house in
bitch, do sum damage

Wolf, wolf all you want run yo' mouth in the street
But you ain't gonna fuck with a pitch of me
I don't give a mother fuck if you
I request, that the best of our minds,
be impressed to repent of their crimes.
For the truth, is there all for to see.
What can be said in defense
Diallo's killers going free paid by society
Now I know you don't care about me

Hey-we should be burning and looting,
Believe me, start exchanging 41 for 90
6 months until I bring a baby
To a war torn atmospheric explained to her what happened here
Where were you the day the world fell
When you whole
No, there are no easy answers
To sum up the problems which we face
History's a lesson, let us learn by our mistakes
Just don't expect to make
one (one people)

Lets, lets catch amnesia
Lord help me out
Trying to figure out what its all about (what its all about)
'Cause we're one in the same
You chose to surrender the best thing that's happened to you
What were you missing? Were you just tripping?
Running away from your fear was
kill you is what you don't know

OK check it, you're on your way to your girl's crib
But the bitch live in the Bridge
You ain't really sweating it, cause
Between you and me
I think it's pretty sad
How we're singing the same song
Humming the same songs
Oh wah oh, oh wah oh oh
Don't you see what
Between you and me
I think it's pretty sad
How we're singing the same song
Humming the same songs
Oh wah oh, oh wah oh oh
Don't you see what
niggas is starving
Don't try to find a job son, it's all about robbing
So don't be alarmed when we come through
We supposed to, if you opposed to, get
on me
You walk on by like I’m invisible (invisible)
All I want is to be seen as an equal

We fought your battles, and we built your homes
Sorry if I
us sedated
But remember what the declaration of independence stated?
All men are equal and that's the way they're created?
But when that was written,
this cash 
Will I be subject to kill, live my life by a gat 
Just when I think I made it out, the street is calling me back 

the LLs of the world the sugar hills the Mr. 
Magic's and the fat boys of the rap channel those were all the things I heard in 
The house even though I
Has decided to let you live
We owe so much money we're not broke we're broken
We're so poor we can't even pay attention

So what do you want
I've been taught to respect my elders and behave 
Even if when they were young they sold slaves 
Truth and understandin' is what I crave 
anybody that got a question?

[ man ]
Yo, hold up
I got a question, Kid 'N Play
How come y'all don't make records about the big brown booties?
What, y'all
1/3 5/4 number four |1/5 |

6- |2 |
Girl, I'm so lonesome tonight
I was just lyin' here wonderin' where you are
And what you're doin'
Yo.. yo.. A man is condemned or exaulted by his words.. 
Exalt me.. yo.. this what y'all niggas wanted.. 

The streets was waitin'
here I am, a beast
You're minor, we're major
You all up in the game and don't deserve to be a player
Don't make me have to call your name out
Your crew is featherweight
the Remy we were doing the thing

[Chorus: x2]

Now I don't know about chu 
But I would like to get wit two (ah)
Nice honeys while I'm chillin' by
on the wrong route
Let me put you on your feet and show you what's it all about
The street life ain't nuttin' to play with
No jokes no games kid
For years I
When it's right
So let the neighbors talk about us
We're gonna have the time of our lives
And it feels all right

I've got a bad case
Worse than