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That day, oh, yeah
When you walked away
I wanted to call you back
But I didn't know what to say

But when you said you had to part
but I love her more today
But I didn't lose her I threw her away

She stood by me looked for the good in me when she knew I was wrong
I would love
Had a house full of riches
Threw it all away
I'm not a worthy man
No matter what you say
I promise forever
And left without a word
I'm not
Loved by no one 
You both threw me away 
This distance is killing me 

Went south to start your new life 
I was just a boy, how could you leave me behind?
could never point you out
Waste of space in a faceless crowd
Tell me what I have to say
If you know what's right then you'll walk away

think of me
And despite what you say
I gave you everything
And you threw it away

Falling in hate nothing to say don't want to hear you
Falling away
Made a meal and threw it up on Sunday I've
Gotta lot of things to learn
Said I would and I'll be leaving one day
Before my heart starts to burn

I'll keep, this one's for me 

 And you don't even know what you got 
 'Til it's walking away 
 Yeah, you don't even know what you had 
 'Til it
I was not woken by the rooster
Nor by the crow's tough song
But the midnight cry of a blood red bird
Brought this sleeplessness on

Threw open
the clown... Yeah 

One dare led to another dare 
Then things were getting out of control 
We hopped the fence and we stole the pears 
And I threw away
and what did they spy
They rode a little further and what did they spy
But a new-dug grave with a spade lying by

Oh Willy, oh Willy, I'm scared of your
and watch my breath rise up. Can't help but regret, what could have been? What could have been? Did I? Well, I threw it all away. Well, I threw it all away
haven't gone away!
An' I threw myself down across our empty bed
An' this is what I said

Oh shit Oh Oh Oh
What? Oh what are you gonna do with me?
Nashville they locked me up and threw away the key
I washed my hands in muddy water I washed my hands but they didn't come clean
I tried to do what daddy told
There are those, spend the night
Under bridges
Over by the river, down in the park
Through the winter
But there's a house that I know
a plaything
That she threw away

The darkness is falling
The sky has turned gray
And a hound in the distance
Is starting to bay

I wonder I wonder
What she's
you want to see
Too late, too late

We didn't know what it was
And all we know is we've lost it
We threw away paradise
And all we know is we've
open wide
I threw away my pride
I'll sacrifice for you
Dedicate my life to you
I will go where you lead
Always there in time of need
And when you
'm not prepared for eternity"

I took her by her golden curls
And drug her down to the river side
And there I threw her into drown
And I watched her as she
told Billy Ray in his red Chevrolet
I needed time for some thinking
I was just walkin' by when I looked in her eye
And I swore it was winkin'

Now what do they do if I just sailed away
Who the hell really compelled me to leave today
Runnin' low on stories is what made it a ball
What would
Six pounds in my pocket
I threw another man's change
Lose another man's six
I guess he might have seen it all

I just been eating away when I found
and obey
Each vow was a plaything that he threw away.
The darkness is falling, the sky has turned gray
A hound in the distance is starting to "BAY"
Like the sweet morning dew, 
I took one look at you,
And it was plain to see you were my destiny.
With my arms open wide, I threw away my pride.
not for me

I don't mind the sky of blue
Or the honey clouds that wander by
When that orange thing comes through
I must look away or think I'll die

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