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It's not a holding pattern baby, just wait and see

Are you dreaming?
What are you dreaming about now?
Do you believe me?
Who are you going
that dog
What happened to Cloud 9 and Generation Lost
You were my idol, just when I thought I give up on everything
I heard you play this familiar
Now let the story begin

Its the hard knock life tour
Sell out, picture us in the mall
Copin iceberg and yell out Jigga
Yea that's what we
gets too old to know what we're doing right now
Before he gets too old to turn a deaf ear - turn it back my way

My fear is that he's nearing
singing this song, out version of a John Sebastian song
Darling companion

Darlin' companion, come on and give me understandin'.
And let me be your
All that shit you told me, I believed
The smile on your face the only thing I can't read
Left and now you back inside my life
It's gon' take more
Now it's too much too late

What about us
Are you scared enough
That you need someone to run to
What about us
Are you strong enough
To throw
Once again
We're back
It's the big bad Cypress Hill
You know what time it is

Whoop [Repeats]
Legalize it,
Cypress Hill advertise it
Fat Joe]
What you think gangstas don't cry get hurt by lies
Times you embarrassed me I swallowed my pride
I'm tired of telling you I got nothing
to the point you have to ask for your ass back
A fucking joker smoker, taunted by no one
If I was born in Chung Li's temple I would've turned out a shogun
what you're all about
This is what you're up against
The television and your version of aversion
The car the candy and the shower curtain
to God to pay you back
Now the kids all look up to me, them bitches wanna fuck with me
My idols say what’s up to me, from ugly to comfortably, suddenly
in the air

Now on a one, two, three who could it be
Coming with a group of gangsta shit for ninety-three
So ninety-four's arrived nigga, back on up
May-December by Mos Def in my headphones, that's the man

I know, I know that I got it if I, do what I gotta do to get by
And they wonder why I never get high
feel now? You know what they say
Really you know that we don’t come how we get down
Everyone, say "Rocky ahead"
And you don’t really what is up
Send her off to a little bible college in Missouri
And now you come back sayin' you know a little bit about
Every little thing they ever hoped you'd
just turn off and on, this ain't what I chose to be
So please god, give me the strength to have what it takes to carry on
Till I pass 50 back the baton,
Love seafood and keep my nine millimis chrome
So it can shine up your dome
When I proceed to give you what you need and clear spots like Sea Breeze
Trophies of the violence

We’re back to set the record straight
We’re rage romantic and we’re full of hatred
Some inspiration right now would
mentor, now let the story begin

It's The Hard Knock Life Tour, sell out
Picture us in the mall coppin' iceberg and yell out Jigga
Yeah, that's what
Combined versions from Norman Blake and Doc Watson

A group of jolly cowboys discussing plans at ease
Said one I'll tell you something, boys, if you
I don't know about group number 2
Man, tough

Listen we would like to
We would like to do for you a real pretty song
That was done by a group
and give em the short version of your testimony 
And just tell em, you know what, it was nobody
But God

up the club, they get to bringing the set
I said, now just like that, bitches don't know what to do
And when we hit up the club, you know them broads
I presume that by now he'll have reached G.H.Q.
 I'm sure that's what happened to him!
 Refrain 5
 Whatever became of old Archie?
 I hear he