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By Walter Egan and Chris James

How come everyone says we're fine
It looks so different here inside
Too many nights we fuss and fight
A whole lotta
how I don't like to be by myself
You know I'm just here by all by my self
Why what's going on?
Maybe take a bubble bath you know what I'm sayin'
Bentley said to Craig "Let him have it Chris"
They still don`t know today just what he meant by this
Craig fired the pistol, but was too young
they got some shit that'll blow out our backs
from where they stay at

Ooooh, I fear the battle's just begun
Ooooh, though we're here someday
and chased the crow from his nest
He started shoutin' when a duck flew in his hand
Were runnin' out of water this must be the land

When ole Chris found
sings new lyrics when they play this one live, and they seem to be about heroin and their dead pal Kurt... Submitted by Rene 

I'm sin 
Who by 1983 was in the national front
Yeah he had a shaved head but still got mashed on drugs
So Kirby didn't mind him hanging round that much
about you Chris??

Chris Cringle-

Umm, alright.
Hey, I'm Chris Cringle.
I'm a sex addict.

Hey I'm Santa Clause, I'm the king of snow. 
I hate
[Music: Atrophy]
[Lyrics: Chris Lykins]

[Solo: Chris]

Throughout our troubled history
Man's exploited fellow man.
Displaying xenophobic fear that's
everyone, Mark here. I'm going to play a bit of bass for you now.

Hello, this is Chris, Happy Christmas

Hi, Lee Kix here, filling your stocking
I play
the percussion
Blast you fast there go production

Trust, took my top hat off by all means
Lay the funk {shit} down from New Haven to Queens
My stage persona,
of aluminum behind him
When he transverse third, the families turn nervous
The following is a transcript of man vs. vermin
Here we go
Man stands out by
Giving blood, keeping faith
And I'm still right here

Wait it out
Gonna wait it out
Be patient (wait it out)

If there were no rewards to reap
Leaves Chris sore! 
I can't stand it anymore

It's my favorite shot of you, you look so pretty your eyes were true
I'm still on your side, in spite
Leaves Chris sore! 
I can't stand it anymore

It's my favorite shot of you, you look so pretty your eyes were true
I'm still on your side, in spite
"yes" is all I need.

Tasting you still on my tongue,
Shaking conch shells one by one,
And trails of peaceful inequities.
Insincere flattering by other
to stand still
In that road-side adobe
Two hearts, beating as one
Lost in the moon, found by the sun
Too soon to know for sure, but too late to run

Give me a sign
Give me a reason to hold on
I?m holding on
What is a life
A series of moments all in a line
Just passing by

And so I lay here awake
on the non-stop
Take it up a notch & watch the beat drop

I am where I am 
I'm only here 'cause I want to be
I am where I am
You don't give a damn
Days that were lost and found
The memory still remains
Here in this empty room
You count them one by one

One by one
You count them one by one
by no means
Favour or coincidence

Sweet were the fruits
Long were the Summer days
It was all we knew

Everything's so easy
Didn't have to ask
like condensation, water
I'm a mixture between Chris Brown
And Chris Jericho, where's your daughter?
I'm more than y'all can handle
At the Grammy's
the way you hurt me, baby

I'm gonna get you to burst just like you were a bubble
Frame me up on your wall just to keep me out of trouble
Like a moth
Boy they already know what it is when I talk this shit here
Dae Dae let's go and give it to 'em boy
Let's go'n get 'em out the way, it's a new wave
to the Euro beat
Yeah, gonna be so cool
Twisting by the, twisting by the
By the pool

We're twisting by the pool
We're twisting by the pool